Improve Your PC Gaming Experience with these Easy Tips

pc gamingIf you want to get the most out of your Windows PC gaming experience, there are lot of things to consider. First of all a proper maintenance of your PC is essential, because without it, your games will undergo lag, slow loading times, crash and lots of other performance problems. Good news is there are plenty of ways to cut down bottlenecks, make your PC games run significantly faster and take you to the next level of PC gaming. Here are some tips to optimize your PC and thereby play even the latest games more smoothly than ever.

Do a Clean Startup

After you start Windows, you see many services and applications that operate automatically. Your overall performance can be remarkably improved by bringing all the unnecessary programs to a halt that overload your PC and by operating Windows without the inclusion of any third-party services. To make this “clean startup” run, press and keep holding the “Windows” button on the keyboard and press “R”. After this, type in “msconfig”, and click on “OK”. Next, on the “Services” tab, select “Hide all Microsoft Services” and click “Disable All”. This will stop all the services that third-party providers have installed in your PC. Once you do this, reboot your PC.

Stop All 3D Effects and Animations

Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista provide animations for maximizing and minimizing windows and fading menus. But for a gamer, this can be an unnecessary interference in the gaming experience. Therefore, you have to turn them off. For this, right-click on “Computer” and select “Properties”. You can see all the animation settings in “Advanced\Performance\Settings”.

Make Use of the Most Recent Graphic Driver

An ardent PC gamer might be having an ATI or an nVidia graphics card. Both these manufacturers update their drivers every month for improvisation of gaming experience. If you update your driver to the latest version, that should give you at least a slight increase in performance each time, to potentially smoothen the whole experience.

Have the Latest Patches

Just like any other piece of software, games too are never totally finished upon launch. Even after the games hit the stores, the developers keep fixing bugs and trying to increase games’ performance. Per se, gamers should have the most recent patches available to them. Based on your particular machine and resolution settings, you can get a couple of frames per second. This can show you the difference between a jerky and smooth gaming experience.

Get Your Hard Disk Optimized for Faster Speeds

Whenever data is added to or deleted from the hard disk, files can get split and those fragments of files will spread out physically all through the disk drive, badly affecting performance. Since games generally occupy plenty of Gigabytes (GB), it is essential that all these files can be read in an incessant manner. To make sure of this, defrag your hard disk. The built-in Disk Defragmenter of Windows can be found under “Start\All Programs\Accessories\System Tools”.

Adding More Memory

With added RAM, loading of game data becomes easier, without the requirement of accessing your disk drive. If you are an avid gamer, you better consider upgrading your PC to 4 GB or more.

Act upon these tips and you will get an altogether new gaming experience because of improvement in your PC system.

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