Lego Worlds Vs Minecraft – More of Creativity than Survival

legoworlds mountainThe much awaited LEGO Worlds by TT Games was announced finally at the start of this year and an unending series of procedurally-created Worlds fully of bricks has been offered to players. No wonder, LEGO Worlds game is many times referred to LEGO Minecraft.

Just like Minecraft, in LEGO Worlds too, you are at liberty to manipulate and animatedly populate the world you create to your heart’s content. As you progress and discover each World, you can unlock new abilities and themes that range from giraffes and cowboys to polar bears and vampires, to race cars, steamrollers and gigantic digging machines.

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You get an array of environment shaping equipment which let you do huge building tasks. You can also elevate terrain to form immense mountains or can create complex constructions brick-by-brick. You can save your creations so that you can use them later and share with community.

Your LEGO World can be inhabited by many interesting characters, models, vehicles and creatures. These can become building blocks to form adventures. However if game mechanics is included or not is not been clear.

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LEGO Worlds is full of features like Terra-forming and Creating Tools, Procedurally Generated Worlds, Unlocks and Discoveries, Rideable Vehicles and Creatures, and obviously a Day/Night Cycle. Underground Networks of Caves, Red Brick Extras, Pre-formed Towns, liquid behaviors, more Biomes, Underwater Gameplay and Cut/Copy/Paste pieces of landscape are some added features.

According to Managing Director of TT Games, Tom Stone, LEGO Worlds involves the fun of brick-building that players have enjoyed for long on a digital platform that offers a whole new experience with their beloved bricks and the game offers unending creative possibilities from the brick-to-brick editor to exploring an extensive array of characters, creatures and items to populate the worlds you create.

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As compared to Minecraft, LEGO Worlds is a more innovative game than survival. It also sports special tools allowing players to convert the landscape. In Minecraft, special mods are needed to do that.

All in all, LEGO Worlds is going to appeal kids and adults alike. The game is now available on Steam Early Access.

legoworlds mountain

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