Make this Xmas Xtremely Xciting with the Best Xmas Retro Game – Droppin’ Santa

featuregraphic1024x500Ho, ho, ho! Christmas is around the corner and you are either in search of or already completed the search of gifts for your near and dear ones! But what can be better than a Christmas game on the fun festival for the fun gaming geeks? Here is an all new Xmas game, Droppin’ Santa, which has been created to give you an authentically retro gaming experience.

Droppin’ Santa – The Inspiring Story of A Truly Fun Game

Hey, someone is seeking a chance to ruin Christmas! And you have to help Santa so that he can deliver all the gifts. Droppin’ Santa has been inspired by the arcade games of 1980 where Santa Claus is to drop gifts down the chimneys and avoid fireballs. You get three reindeers to start with and if they collide, you lose them. Droppin’ Santa is an 8-bit infinite scroller that has power to give you a genuine retro experience and extreme fun this Christmas – a perfect game for the holidays.

The game has been developed by Alberto Betella, while the fun graphics and music has been given by Grigoreen and Dmitry Jbanov respectively.


More than ever, present times are the most favorable for creative designers, developers and artists to dispose of an extensive range of online virtual locations to meet, exchange concepts and work together on new projects. This has opened the doors for new and enthralling opportunities that every now and then result into successful ventures.

One such venture came forth as a question that whether it is possible to develop a mobile game from the beginning with only one month and only a very scanty budget.

And thus Droppin’ Santa came into existence!

The whole process, including production of the game (i.e. from the creation of the team of artists to developing and testing) and its distribution all through the world in the Apple Stores and Google Play, was done just within 30 days, i.e. from 1st November to 30th November 2014!

A question might have come to your mind about why such a hard deadline and such a miniscule budget. Answer is “Just because it was fun!”
The creation of a talented team and development of a final product with a least financial investment (in case of Droppin’ Santa $100 only!) was indeed possible. It is obvious that this venture was not taken up with an aim of a short-term monetary gain, but instead as a long-term project that has enterprising spirit and a vested interest of all the persons engaged in it.
The full process of the making of Droppin’ Santa was presented with a discussion in the December of 2014 in Barcelona, Spain, when hundreds of attendants could enjoy the renowned Droppin-Santa-special-boothTM and delight with the game using a retro controller and a huge projection screen, for a truly old-world experience.
Droppin’ Santa is available for both – Android as well as iOS. So, you can download it either from Google Play or Apple Store. Make this Xmas Xtremely Xciting with Droppin’ Santa – the best Xmas retro game!


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