Minion Kart and Minion Smash – Feel the Adrenaline Gushing Through You

Minion SmashIt’s no wonder why the fast-and-furious franchise of video games does so well. Racing and fighting have always attracted man due to their inevitable component, action. Racing and fighting games bring you the feeling of wind flowing through your hair, neighboring objects and road below fast going behind, you are being able to hit someone and adrenaline gushing out in you. Great graphics, exciting sounds and smooth gameplay all bring about these effects. From arcade smash fests to super-realistic racing simulators and everything in between, we have found two fantastic games for reviewing – Minion Kart and Minion Smash!

Minion Kart

Minion KartMinion Kart is a great new racing game perfect for the fan of adrenaline and speed racing. Feel the excitement as you tear down the track at reckless speed towards the finish. It will be a bumpy ride; you have to be careful of hazardous roads and unpredictably mischievous opponents who can do anything achieve the first position.

Outrunning the race will bring you rewards; you can upgrade your kart and will be declared the best driver. This is the best racing tournament where you can compete with top racers from across the world.

Great Features


  • A variety of karts to choose from, each with unique handling and speed
  • Great upgrades available – Make your way in the Shop and splurge your hard-earned money to buy faster and more efficient engines, and more nitro boosts to use in every race! What’s more, you can buy new ones too!
  • Superb HD graphics
  • Amazing sounds – hear your Kart roaring and skidding while sliding around the corners. Mind-blowing music and sounds
  • Three different modes

Minion Smash

Minion SmashAnother game we’d like to inform you about is Minion Smash. Here you are going to get the chance of fighting with other players or you can play in single player mode too. All in all, you can enjoy putting out the rage in you!

The best part of this game is that there are unlimited enemies to fight with. They would keep on coming one after the other without dying. And the most challenging part is they will become more and more powerful after every kill!

You can fight in four different styles. You also get special attacks and combo styles.

When you defeat all opponents, you get incredible rewards.

Both Minion Kart and Minion  Smash are developed by Bring On The Good and are available on both – Google Play and App Store. So, what are you waiting for? Download them and start feeling adrenaline gushing through you as you play!

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