Mr. Driving – Car Simulator App – A Game You Would Never Want to Put Down

Mr Driving - Car Simulator AppGames are not always for fun. When you see games like Mr. Driving – Car Simulator App, you can say that besides being fun, they have some practical uses too. As you might have guessed rightly from its name, it’s a car driving simulator game and is tremendously fun and useful too. And let me break some news to you – it’s free, for a limited time! Download the app from Google Play and start playing.

Mr. Driving – Car Simulator – A Fun App

No doubt, Mr. Driving – Car Simulator is a tremendously fun app, as whatever you can’t do at your driving school, you can do it here, including colliding with fellow drivers, go off the track and make accidents, bumping into a building, breaking traffic rules and above all, driving at a terrible speed, which no one is going to allow you in real life! So, you can imagine how fun and exciting the experience would be without incurring a penalty.

However, that’s not all! You are going to get 5 greatest luxury sports cars and more than 10 other cars to drive around the city with all that drifting and driving action! Go, perform all the illegal stunts you always wanted to. You can test all the modifications and compete against fellow racers and be a winner.

10+ cars to drive

The game offers multiple modes, like Career & Free Mode wherein you can enjoy racing in public places with no legal restrictions.

For more challenges and excitement, you get three controls, namely Tilt, Button and Wheel, which you should master and display your driving skills. Especially tilting your device to right or left is the most exciting and enthralling experiencing.

And there’s more! There are cash earnings which you can maximize by completing quests. You can also upgrade your car or buy new cars with the cash. You can also participate in the Tokyo drift tournament to double your cash earnings.

Why is Mr. Driving – Car Simulator App Useful?

I said that besides being a fun app, Mr. Driving – Car Simulator is extremely useful too. You can learn many real-life driving skills through this app. And here there is no one to penalize you for whatever mistakes you do. You can make mistakes and learn. You can learn parking skills, driving skills while taking your car out of a dangerous situation, and everything else about car driving, without having to damage a person or property. Most importantly, you can personalize situations and driving, and test your driving skills, which will be useful to you while driving a real car.

The app offers you real-life experience because of its wonderful graphics and exhilarating sound effects, like sound of burning tires, gear shifts, speedometers and many more. Exceptionally superb graphics and sounds, numerous quests and side missions make Mr. Driving – Car Simulator a game you would never want to put down.

Grab it for free on Google Play before the offer runs out and enjoy hours of fun!

drift mode

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