My Virtual Girlfriend – Lose Yourself to Romance

My Virtual GirlfriendLove and the feeling of being with someone beautiful or handsome is a need of every individual and there is nothing wrong in it, unless you don’t break someone’s heart! But what if your girlfriend is virtual! Her heart will never be broken and you can go on flirting and romancing, and enjoying your time with your beautiful girlfriend! Yes, you can do that with a new dating simulation game app – My Virtual Girlfriend! The app is available on Google Play, iTunes and Amazon, for FREE!

How to Play My Virtual Girlfriend?

My Virtual Girlfriend is an adult themed game, but has nothing ugly or derogatory. Its concept is of lighthearted dating and flirting with a lovely girl, giving her gifts and trying to win her heart. Any man would love this game, because every man wants a unique lady on whom he can shower his love. Just as a man wants to be loved, he also wants to love someone worthy. In My Virtual Girlfriend, your girlfriend fulfills both the demands of a man; she loves you and you love her! So, why won’t be the game a fun experience!

my virtual girlfriend

What is your idea of spending time with a beautiful girl? You will always want to win her heart and for that you will gift her, listen to her witty or stale or sometimes really intelligent jokes, play a sport with her, and do many other things! All these are available at My Virtual Girlfriend!

my virtual girlfriend

What of the enjoyment of touching your girlfriend? Every man has a wish to touch the girl in his life. Your virtual girlfriend will even respond to your touch!

my virtual girlfriend

Beware of Wrong-doing!

You also love the annoyance of your girlfriend, right? She is annoyed and you try to persuade her – the experience is quite amusing and spice up your love life! Your virtual girlfriend can give you this experience too. But beware of crossing limits, otherwise your girlfriend will at once kick you out of her life and you will have to take shelter of the Lonely Hearts Club, until you find another good girlfriend!

my virtual girlfriend

The fun part is you are going to get points for winning your girlfriend’s heart and making her love you more and more. With every new level you accomplish, new ways of interacting with your girlfriend will be opened up, unlocking fun, crazy or sexy outfits for her and tons of activities like watching Netflix or going together for a dinner. There are more than 35 levels and after reaching the final level, her heart is totally yours!

my virtual girlfriend

My Virtual Girlfriend – Exclusive Features

  • If you wonder if you would really get a girl of your choice on My Virtual Girlfriend, rest assured because the game has more than 1000 lovely and fun girls to choose from. And even if you don’t find one of your choice, you can create her! Yes, you can customize a girl’s features according to your choice.
  • If you wonder how you can really please your new beautiful girlfriend, don’t worry even about that because you have numerous activities to do like conversation, activities, actions and of course, touch.
  • For people with a bizarre choice, there are zombie and vampire girlfriends too!
  • Fun achievements and rewards that spice up your relation with your girlfriend

my virtual girlfriend - vampire girlfriend

Was your any date free, or even economical? Never! The game is free and all gifts, dinners, sports and other activities you can shower on your girlfriend are absolutely FREE too!

So, why to waste time? Why not enjoy the flirting, romance, love and rewards for love? Download My Virtual Girlfriend right now and lose yourself to romance!

my virtual girlfriend

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