New Developments in FIFA 16 – Are They Exciting?

FIFA 16While the release of FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is around the corner, EA Sports have announced something about the latest prices, FIFA Points and the companion and web apps to make the end-user’s experience safer and more fun.

Return of Companion and Web Apps

From 17th of September 2015, the web and companion apps will be back in the FUT transfer market! So, all verified and returning gamers can start creating their very own Ultimate Teams and getting daily free gift packs and also trading in the auction rooms with other gamers. However, you need to start your web app and then you can go mobile and make use of the companion apps.

Novices to FIFA 16 Ultimate Team will need first to play on either a Windows PC or a console of their choice and then they can use the apps. After you start playing on the respective console, you will be most probably verified by the Electronic Arts in the form of an email saying that you are verified and are actually a real user. This has been introduced as a new precautionary measure by EA to stop farming or glitching of FIFA coins and to segregate real players from bots.

Based on how the apps help combat coin glitcher, the apps will be kept live by EA till the situation is out of control and then they will close them. If the apps get success and they notice a decline in coin farming, the apps will be continued.

Trade of FUT 16

The price gap of players will be remarkably increased for the market so that it won’t crash like before when EA brought in price ranges in FUT last time. A new higher and lower price difference will be seen in FUT 16 which means you can place a player up much higher than you earlier could.

Separated Consoles

Now you can only select one console as your main console for playing the game online, unlike earlier installments. Before this, you were able to log in your Xbox 360 and get the same team on Xbox One. So also, you could do that with PS3 and PS4 and even you could open packs. This is not the case anymore. Now you will be asked which your preferred console is and all your players, club items and coins will be stored there and there only. So your default account on your chosen console will now have your every item in one place and won’t be on any other console unless you log into that console on Xbox of a friend, for example.

Carried Over Points in FIFA

All returning users of Ultimate Team can one-time carry over all their FIFA points from FUT 15 to FUT 16.

So, do you find all these developments exciting and interesting? If your answer is yes, you can enjoy the new upcoming FIFA 16 with a never-before fun!

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