Nine Chronicles – A Delightful Game to Present You Your Childhood Fairy-tale World Again

Nine ChroniclesWould you like to play a game which offers you everything from adventures, mining, trade and politics, and still presents you beautiful worlds where there is only fun and nothing else?

Well, you are in luck because such a game named Nine Chronicles is soon going to be launched.

Nine Chronicles is a superb game which will be open sourced at launch so that anyone can freely expand upon its universe. It offers a unique full-chain RPG experience with dungeon exploration, item crafting, and ability for players to power the network while earning gold.

Nine Chronicles


As mentioned earlier, you are going to get a lot of things to do in Nine Chronicles. The graphics are superb and will take you to another world, which is just care-free, beautiful and fun.

Here are a few things which you can do in the game:

Dungeon Exploration

You’ll get a chance to explore a fascinating new fantasy world full of unique monsters and other original characters from nine different worlds. If you are a borne explorer, you’re going to love this.

Nine Chronicles - Dungeon Exploration


And if you are creative and love to create things, you’ll get an opportunity for crafting too. Of course, first you have to find and collect raw materials from the dungeons, and then combine them to craft your gear. You can invent new recipes and create your unique items.

Nine Chronicles - Crafting


You can use your specially crafted items to exchange with other players to get gold. You can find which items are in demand and invest in gear-making. Once you craft the gear, sell it to the needy players for gold.

Nine Chronicles - Trading

Battle and Applying Strategies

Nine Chronicles is not just about crafting, trading and exploration; it contains battles too. You can match up with other players to decide who is the strongest. You can compete anytime in different ways through combat and progression. And for fighting effectively and winning, you should come up with your own strategies. You’ll get enchanting new ways to gear up and fight with skills, elements and various combinations.

Nine Chronicles - Battle and Applying Strategies

The beautiful graphics of Nine Chronicles will delight you. They comprise of clear blue skies, pure white clouds, colorful jungles and wildlife, enchanting structures, fun and adorable monsters and other creatures and a lot more. You can even join their Discord. Watch the official teaser of the game here:

If you want to get lost to the childhood fairy-tales and spend your playing time in a truly beautiful, innocent and colorful world, play Nine Chronicles. But have patience – the game will soon be arriving!

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