Ninflated – Easy to Learn, Difficult to Master

ninflatedIf you are fond of simple games that are challenging…oh wait! Are you confused by the words contradictory to each other – simple and challenging? Let me explain further. So, if you love such games, such a new simple yet challenging game has been now introduced by App Street Games and it’s called Ninflated. The unique new game is a fun blend of FallDownI, Doodle Jump and Fruit Ninja, and requires you to have a lot of patience and loads of skill to master it. The simplicity of the game lies in the things you are needed to do. And the difficulty lies in the fact that it will make you struggle and get perfection of moves to maneuver your character to succeed. But keep in mind that right upon mastering certain moves, you will have to return to the tough combat as the game goes on being more challenging with new hurdles and an altogether changed set of rules.


If you are a great fan of time waster games that are fast to learn and start playing, Ninflated is for you. Your character is a Ninja caught up in a blown up bubble. This may sound weird to you, but even crazier things have been thrown at players before this in the history of games. Though only some of you may know it, it’s a fact that all Ninjas need to be trained in the ancient skill of bubble riding. Your fun Ninja floats around everywhere in the bubble and you need to guide him successfully through labyrinths and hurdles and make him climb up the floors of the Ninja training tower one by one. If the bubble bangs with an object or obstacle, it will burst. So, your job is to prevent it from bursting. In other words, if it remains blown up all through, you win! You can manage to maneuver the bubble by tapping on one of the sides of the screen to give directions to the bubble. You can slide to up and down or left and right to give directions to your bubble Ninja.

screenshot 1

Initially when you start playing the game, this may seem an extremely easy job. But be assured that Ninflated is in no way easy. To start with, your playing field is quite easy and simple so that you can move your bubble Ninja easily in it. Every now and then, you may be popped, but with a little practice, you can better get into the game to take its feel to decide how many times or how fast you should tap or how much you should slide to make sure that your bubble doesn’t collide with anything in the way.

screenshot 2

The game seems almost like a vertical cousin of Flappy Bird, but is even nicer. The best feature of the game is no levels exist to choose from or other such fluff; so, if you don’t succeed in a game, you can try another quickly again.

But like all nice games, Ninflated too includes a hitch, that too if you are good at playing the game. Regarding levels, there are levels – inverted! Controls get reversed and this ultimate skill test certainly makes great players stand out from good players!

Reversed Controls – Bringing Ultimate Fun to the Game!

Keep in mind that as you progress well through the game and proceed further on the course as your Ninja will reach a new floor of Ninja training tower, the game, by itself, will evolve and update things a little. As you proceed further in the game, you can see that swipes and taps will move your Ninja in exactly the opposite direction. This starts the game with your mind and makes you think in totally opposite way. Thus, though on the face of it, the Ninflated looks simple to learn and play, it takes quite a few tries to make the taps and swipes in just the right way. You need to swipe exactly the right amount. Or else the Ninja will not successfully pass the horizontal hurdles and in that case, you will not like the outcome.

screenshot 3

In short, things won’t be the same as they may appear and will become a bit tougher. So, if you want to survive in the game, you will have to learn doing adjustments fast.

For most of the time you are playing, the bubble Ninja will behave just as you will want him to, i.e. it floats. Therefore, from your perspective or from your screen point of view, he will move continuously upward. From either side, you can see bars as well as other things protruding out that you need to avoid. Upon successful completion of areas and levels, you can see infrequent signs going up. They warn you of changes in the venue. Especially, a sign saying “up in the new down” will be seen frequently. Also keep in mind that you are not free always to use slides or taps as you per your wish. Each hurdle you should skip will be in a different color and will show a different icon. When you should slide to take your Ninja across the pass, you can see arrows. When you should tap to take the Ninja through, you can see a pair of circles signaling that in the area.

bubble pop

As a free game, Ninflated is certainly worth downloading to enjoy an innovative type of game and is a great pastime. It may in fact prove to be an awesome brain exercising game too, when you attain a point where you are swiping or tapping in a direction just opposite of where you wish to go.

ninflated 2

All in all, Ninflated is a game you cannot put down; it’s that captivating. You always feel like becoming better and better in sliding and tapping coordination and getting the highest score to beat those of your co-players. Its best feature is it is easy to learn, but difficult to master. The Ninflated app is absolutely free and is available on iTunes. So, download it today and enjoy playing whenever you want and wherever you are.

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