Overwatch – Endless Array of Opportunities of Coordinated, Exciting Play

Overwatch action figuresOverwatch by Blizzard has been gaining increasing popularity for a reason. It offers pure joy to the player with its superb design that sparks a magic. The secret of why so many gamers love it is that it widens the definition of skill and it considers a player with the decision-making ability equally important as a player with a dead shot aim. Just as it offers you maps, modes and options, it also features a range of tactical layers none of which will eclipse your enjoyment of the game’s powerful, whirling team fights and enthralling energetic responses.

While Overwatch has a lot many good qualities, its success is mainly due to its fantastic characters. Even collecting Overwatch action figures is a sheer joy. It’s just right that one of them always dominates game’s main menu. Whichever pose they strike reveals their varied appearances, personalities and origins. There is Tracer with a jovial smile and blowing back the rebellious bang that briefly interrupts her smile. There is also Reinhardt with his rocket hammer landing on his shoulder. Then there is a gorilla scientist with supple, blue skin who is a Zen-practicing, cybernetic healer and an assassin too. There are 21 characters in all and they are so diverse and still they appear to share a common world even though they come from various corners of it.

Though all of them play one of four “roles” no two of them look similar. The revolutionary Junkrat and the robotic Bastion fall into the class of Defenders but they play extremely different from each other. The former plays area-rejection game by throwing timed grenades over long distances while the latter searches for a cozy spot neglecting a key choke point and converts into a minigun turret to run point defense.

This intense sense of discrimination is essential as it saves team composition strategies from transferring into simple formulas. Two Attackers, two Tanks and two Supports cannot be the magical solution for a winning team. You need to see much deeper and when you do that, you are able to see the shine of the beauty of Overwatch’s gameplay.

Use Every Tool in the Box

One of the astonishing keys to developing these gradations is its denial to provide supports to lean on. Barring a very few arguable exceptions, none of the characters is solely focused around one catch-all gun to the level that you can succeed with it alone. For example, Widowmaker is an exception and you would love the new Widowmaker statue figure. She is equipped with everything that takes to eradicate her targets, including a visor that offers infra-sight to her squad, mines that give out toxic gas and a fully-automatic powerful sniper rifle. This sniper rifle of hers is perfect for scope-aimed shots at remote targets. If target come close to medium range, they can be fired with the rifle in its fully-automatic mode. She can also launch a grappling hook towards her location which links to a scalable surface and she’s soon drawn towards it, enabling her to broaden her view of the battlefield and flank or evade targets. Widowmaker also sticks to a quickly-arming venom mine to almost any surface. When a target comes within range of the motion trigger, it bursts, emitting toxic gas to any enemies close by. Also her recon visor enables her to see the heat signs of her targets through objects and walls for a short time. She can also share this enhanced vision with her allies.

Widowmaker statue figure

However, while Genji’s shurikens boast flawless accuracy and are highly damaging, their slow firing rate and long travel time can make it difficult to hit a small moving target. Tracer’s dual machine-pistols which you can see on the Tracer Figma action figure feature great rate of fire but has a short clip, poor accuracy and middling damage if you are not scoring head shots. Thus every weapon has been developed in this way: they are useful and powerful in the right circumstance but never multipurpose for you to totally depend upon.


And if you are tempted to explore the other possibilities of the weapons to get success, you’ll look at them closely and won’t be able to stop finding new things. Revisit Junkrat’s toolset and you’ll find that he doesn’t have a single reliable gun. Definitely, he could skip grenades over the ground, leading to his target as best as possible, but even though you were good enough to surely win one-on-one firefights this way, you wouldn’t realize his entire potential. He has two more skills – Steel Trap and Concussion Mine, the face value of which seem straightforward. The former immobilizes enemies and the latter blows them sky-high. But actually they can do much more in practice. E.g. Steel Trap can help you to escape from faster enemies attempting to get into your face. Also its positional alert can work as an early warning letting you know that someone from the other team is trying to flank your defenses. Or you can plant a Concussion Mine atop a Steel Trap and detonate it while being somewhere else showering the objective with grenades. Concussion Mine can also be used as a regular old grenade by throwing it at an enemy group and manually detonating it as it reaches there. And perhaps its most amazing feature is that you can detonate it under you to get shot to otherwise inaccessible areas.


Only two abilities of one character shows all those possibilities and as you might guess, as soon as you get 12 characters fighting over objectives, using their qualities to help and hurt each other, further starts to unfold layers of tactical nuances.

All in all, Overwatch is a superb accomplishment in multiplayer shooter genre. It’s perfectly designed to raise adrenaline after a hectic day of work and also a strategic, thoughtful experience that can become the center of an evening with friends. It may not have the most expansive list of modes and maps, but it certainly offers endless array of opportunities of coordinated, exciting play and when you are in the center of all the action, the feeling is unmatched.


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