Pantropy – A Pleasant Sci-fi Surprise with the Outstanding Mechs

PantropyIf you think that there has been a big gap in the sci-fi genre for MMO games, you are going to get a pleasant surprise. For years, games like Knights of the Old Republic and EVE Online reigned supreme but they lacked in one thing: Mechs. However, this is going to change with Pantropy!

Pantropy is the latest sci-fi game in its development stage and being developed by Brain Stone; it’s their first game. It incorporates resource hunting, rep gaining, base building and huge, bad mechs all in a single glorious game.


Pantropy is centered on grinding and finding resources so as to create your base and set your mark on the open wide world. You can build these bases up to a massive size in scope with multiple rooms, automated defense systems and generators to fuel pretty much anything you’ll require.

They can be constructed on any biome you find within the Pantropy universe, below or above ground. However, you may be attacked and so, you’ll have to be prepared for that.

For protecting your base, you will need to construct some Mechs, that are gigantic robots that you can pilot. They will be equipped with alternating weapons or tools, such as Machine Guns and Rocket Launchers. These are important while taking over other players’ bases or the countless dreadful creatures that reside the world. After all, it’s a fanatic sci-fi planet!

Pantropy mechs

Brain Stone, in one of the Devlogs published by them, had mentioned that there are five Mechs that are present in the game, each having their own strengths, weaknesses and mind-boggling abilities. That means some of these things can become really huge and terrible. As the size and strength of the Mech increase, the amount and variety of weapons go up too.

Out there, it’s indeed a jungle, a hazardous jungle in which you will need to carry an arsenal with you. Apart from the heavy-duty armaments that your Mech can bring to the table, a huge range of firearms from attack weapons to laser pistols and sniper rifles can be built by your character. That is literally all the tools of the sci-fi trade. This is completed with the fact that you construct specialized defensive systems at your home base to keep away invaders. Automated turrets and barricades are your friends in this context since some of them can become quite huge!

There are some 13 odd different creatures in the game, with hazardous attacks and wild aesthetics that could finish your beautiful life. These giants actually symbolize the sci-fi scene. This means there is one that appears like a giant whale traversed with some sort of insect and it’s magnificent.

It’s sure that there will be both PvE and PvP elements to Pantropy and nowhere else is that more true than in the Faction system, in which you can join an exclusive faction to help create positive rep and otherwise have a group that can help you for survival, either protecting you from hostile assaults or through grinding for resources.

Pantropy mechs

Outstanding Features

  • There are two player factions and one NPC faction, battling on a 64 sq. km map formed into 64 conquerable sectors.
  • Android bots fighting for every player’s factions, action is always on!
  • There is a Jail Island where you’ll be sent to do manual labor till your debt is paid off or until your friends break you out.
  • Base building mechanics rewarding creativity – you can build anything, anywhere
  • Flying bases and underground bases too!
  • Three tiers of fantastic modular mechs
  • Outstanding music

Pantropy factions

You can show your enthrallment for Patropy by backing their Thunderclap and helping bring this great new sci-fi game into reality. So, support them and enjoy Pantropy soon!

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