PaperChase Version 3 – Tremendous Fun to Come

Jonathan opens the chestDo you remember and love the 2013 PaperChase game? Yes, I know it was too awesome to be forgotten. Then came the version 2 and it was equally awesome too! And guess what, now the PaperChase Version 3 is soon going to arrive. But do you know who developed this wonderful game and how? It was a 15 year old boy! But let me tell you everything about it.

It was year 2013 when Brian Russel Davis and his two sons, Josiah, 15 and Caleb, 17, were having lunch, when Brian challenged his sons to be creators rather than consumers. The two boys accepted the challenge and with the help of their father, developed the fantastic game, PaperChase.

As a successful digital entrepreneur, Brian has worked for, as well as pre-IPO Pandora. PaperChase has been a labor of love for him.

PaperChase is a dynamic forward-scrolling game available on Android as well as on iOS. It got tremendous success and they came up with second version and it was a huge success too with more than 1.3 million downloads on Android alone.

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PaperChase Version 3

Now Brian and Josiah are planning to come up with the third version of PaperChase – PaperChase Trinity! For this, a KICKSTARTER Campaign has been started by them through which they want your help which will help them build the third version.

The Davis father-son duo started building PaperChase Trinity in 2014. It is almost complete now and it is fantastic as claimed by the developers. It has been created with:

  • Countless customizable levels (completed)
  • Customizable planes (completed)
  • More wonderful and powerful power-ups and boosts (completed)
  • Awesome story originated from the Japanese culture (almost completed)
  • Fantastic 3D landscapes in NYC and Secret Japanese levels (almost completed)
  • You can play it on all platforms (including mobile, PC, Wii, Steam and Xbox) (almost completed)

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Brian being a software architect, wanted PaperChase Trinity to be developed in an appropriate way. Version 2 of the game was simple; but people loved it a lot. While developing PaperChase Trinity, they wrote the code all the way from the beginning and created a strong framework to allow them form levels within a few hours (and not weeks), a super intelligent algorithm for path mapping that ensures an unhindered path for the plane through the city, smart loading for assets that would let them push content to players without having to update from the App Store and above all, a code pattern, known as U-Frame which lets them build versions for other platforms quickly.

The Kickstarter campaign has been started for getting help from gamers for the rest of the 3D development work from which an exact model of New York City will be created.

So, if you want the same or even more enjoyment of the PaperChase game with its latest version, help generously for its development and you will get a fantastic new game which will offer you tremendous fun!

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