Points to Consider while Buying the Right PC Gaming Headset

buying the right headset

Why gamers are so passionate about games? Well, many factors are included in the passion. But you will agree, that the sound effect changes the whole experience of the game. And sometimes even the sound is very essential not only for creating the right atmosphere, but also for letting the player know what the characters are speaking or listening to the commands. But if you think of stand-alone speakers when it comes to sound, you will agree that they have some shortcomings. The commonest of them is as they let others hear the sound, others may get irritated if the volume is increased. Also they cannot block unwanted sounds; thus other sounds like that of a construction project or a lawn mower may keep you disturbing which the speakers cannot prevent from reaching your ears. All these drawbacks of speakers are overcome by headsets. As headsets are heard only by the players, others are not disturbed and as they have the ability to cut other sounds, you can totally get engaged into your gaming experience through the headsets. Best thing for you is to go through five of the best wireless gaming headsets on TheGamersChallenge.com and choose the one most suited to you to make it easier.

Headsets and headphones are different things. Headsets have microphones. Through headsets you can also talk to other players while playing. Buying the right headset is important. Here are some tips.

Wireless or Wired

Wired headsets can be plugged into PC. Or headsets can be without a wire too. Wired headsets don’t die of low battery and need not be charged. Some headsets have a USB plug instead of an audio plug which offers more power to the set. Benefit of wireless headsets is they eliminate the trouble of maintaining wires. Many of them are available with a charging station due to which the headset keeps recharging whenever it is not in use.


In the initial days of the popularization of PC games, players used to communicate with each other through typed messages. Headsets have facilitated players to talk to each other directly through microphones. In gaming headsets you should look for noise cancellation option which helps other players to hear your sound clearly, cancelling all background sounds. Some headsets come with detachable microphones so that you can remove them when you are playing alone and need not talk to anyone.

Positional Audio

A good quality audio device make the player immerse in the game by creating coordination with speakers and thereby playing various sounds. A gaming headset should be able to find out the exact location of sound effects. This gives the player an additional edge in the game since the player can know from which direction the footsteps, gunshots or other sounds are coming.

Surround Sound

This is a necessary feature of the headset which you should look for. It makes exact positional audio. For this, the headset should have many speakers in its each earpiece, and also sophisticated ear-cups. They help the player locate the sound. E.g. the sounds which are supposed to come from behind should be presented by headset speakers as if coming from behind.

Plus, you should also check features like comfort and sound quality the headset is offering and also your budget. If you pay keen attention to these points you can end up in buying the best headset and can enjoy your PC games to the fullest.

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