Pool Strike: 8 Ball Pool Billiards – An Absolute Fun Game for Billiards Lovers

Pool Strike 8 Ball Pool BilliardsIf you love playing billiards in any form, even online, here’s the good news for you. A free online billiards game has arrived on Google Play and its name is Pool Strike Online 8 Ball Pool Billiards. This is a free multiplayer pool game developed by Funiza Games and is rapidly gaining popularity.

Actually, it is one of world’s best 8 ball pool game for Android at present. In this category of games, it offers full functionality and gamers thoroughly enjoy playing it.

Pool Strike 8 Ball can be played against other players in a realistic environment. Thus it’s a social multiplayer game. This is the beauty of the game because you can play with all your loved ones and new friends one-on-one or can enter tournaments to win huge.

Pool Strike 8 Ball Pool Billiards play 1-on-1

The game has got a practical physics engine, unique 1 vs. 4 gameplay wherein 4 players can play at a time, a quick start-up, compatibility with a wide range of devices (even low-configuration devices) and above all, an awesome first turn “Strike” bonus which you get if you win the game just in the first turn because it proves that you are indeed a good player. It’s the first and only 8bp game in the world which offers the first turn bonus.

Pool Strike 8 Ball also provides ample rooms with various features and over 100 different cues options. You can also win free cues and free coins.

Pool Strike 8 Ball Pool Billiards 100 difference cues

The game offers an opportunity to play with thousands of online players and even free turn-based offline gaming.

The “Play Now” option offers you a quick billiard game. Or you can use the “lobby’s” with which you can select your ball pool game friend.

Another fun feature is to participate in the best 8 ball pool scores of the day or week “Top Lists” and enjoy the entire world following you.

The game integrates Facebook and online chat. So, you can chat with your friends while playing the game.

So, now what are you waiting for? This absolute fun game is free; download it and start playing.

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