Prominent Benefits of Joining a Gaming Community

GameridsLong gone are the days when teen gamers used to play alone in their parents’ basement for 12 hours a day. Modern gamers are connected to gamers around the world, thanks to gaming communities. Gaming communities connect gamers who share the same passion, through a range of social digital tools built in the system itself.

Although some of the older research tend to look down on gaming as it can intensify loneliness and develop anti-social personality traits, today even the experts have agreed how gaming can encourage friendliness and social interaction.

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Here are a few of the many benefits of joining a gaming community.

Gives a Chance to Socialize

In a joint survey, two-thirds of the young gamers that were surveyed said that they play video games for socializing with friends and family in person, including the chance to discuss gaming strategies for either cooperative or competitive play, ultimately improving the conversation skills of young people.

In fact, just like any other social activity, games are an excellent reason to interact with other people over a common interest, irrespective of age, background or race. Today’s technology available to modern gamers offer even more opportunities for such interactions.

Boosts a Healthy Competition

Even in the extremely competitive world of esports, the social advantages of gaming communities are prominently seen. Besides offering both old and young gamers several opportunities to earn a living through their skills in playing a popular game, the communities growing around esports enable even more people to get involved in the enjoyment of a healthy competition.

Figures by popular publications show how large the gaming community has become as tens of thousands of players participate in tournaments throughout the world. The number of registered professional players is 2,479 in Germany, 2,579 in Korea, 2,685 in China, while in the US, it’s more than 9,500!

Although there are a lot less pros in the UK, every Premier League soccer club has now its own professional esports player, linking the most coveted soccer players of the UK to a new generation of digital fans.

All in all, the gaming community is increasing day by day connecting people from all over the world together and encouraging conversation, interaction and socialization.

So, when are you planning to join the gaming community?

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