Road to Heaven – Fun for the Entire Family

road to heavenDo you believe in God? Are you a Christian and a religious person? Do you want your near and dear ones to understand the importance of God’s involvement in your daily life? If yes, a fantastic game is now available which will help you to teach your beloved ones the significance of God along with entertainment. This is Road to Heaven!

What is Road to Heaven?

Road to Heaven is a strategic board game which can amuse children and adults alike because it involves the ultimate aim to reach the Heaven as a reward of overcoming life’s challenges. In short this is a family-oriented game which gives you the thrill and excitement, and the enjoyment of results.


Road to Heaven takes 30-45 minutes to play. You have a ten-sided dice which not only tells you the number of spaces to move on, but also enables you to make choices on majority of spaces you can enter. The decision of choices has to be made carefully because that will determine whether they will move on or be penalized. For example, some spaces can take you to your last aim, i.e. Heaven’s Gate, but there is always a risk of rolling a wrong number which can send you again to the beginning, while you are trying to enter the Heaven.

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The fun is in the temptation which you can give you great rewards or severe penalties. Throughout the game, God’s forgiveness can help you avoid getting penalized. The game creates ultimate enjoyment because of its great mysteries regarding who wins, as a person appearing to win easily can be out any time and the one who has apparently no chance to win, wins.

Knowledge Card and Blessing Card

The game includes a Knowledge space too, where you can take a Knowledge card. This contains a question to answer with multiple options. The best thing here is the options are in form of verses in the Bible in which you can find the answer. This will definitely encourage people to take interest in the full size Bible which is available with the game. There is no penalty for the wrong answer, but for the correct answer you can get a Blessing Card. Blessing Card will take your playing token forward, help you collect pieces and give unwanted pieces back and also pay it forward so as to help others. Even when it is not your turn, you can receive a reward from someone else paying it forward so that you can get a chance to win.


Blessing Card or other pieces that can impact your future in the game can be collected in some other spaces too.

You can get only one die to roll to land on reward-giving spaces. Here too your choice determines the strategy you wish to use to take your pieces to Heaven. Simultaneously, if you live by the world for too long and gather too many earths, you have to go through your journey again.

Road to Heaven – Bringing Family Together

Road to Heaven is not designed only for spiritual purposes, but also to bring family together. This game is going to bring about and increase the communication within families, while staying away from electronic devices. The developers – Denise Migliaccio and others – have given six long years to complete it and make it flawless, so as to be ultimately enjoyable. Moreover though it is a spiritual game, anyone can play it to have as much fun as with other games.

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Help Road to Heaven

In order to keep manufacturing additional games, Road to Heaven needs your help. You can donate and spread the word by telling about it to your friends and family. You can also like them on

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