Robot City Clash – A Great Game of Action and Strategy

Robot City ClashHave you ever controlled a team of robots or do you want to control one? If you do, your dream is soon going to be true with a new game named Robot City Clash where there would be a lot of robots and they will obey you.

The game by Jade Media Inc. is set in the period of 2050 where the Force comprises of robots along with human police officers. These robots will assist their police officers to fight against a gang of hooligans who are disturbing peace of people and thus acting against law. The robots have sworn to protect the city from the criminals and it’s amazing to work with them as you’ll be controlling a squad of police officers and robots. If you love action and strategy, Robot City Clash is going to be a feast for you.

Robot City Clash - protect your city

7 Levels and 70 Missions

Robot City Clash contains 7 levels at which you’ll meet the criminals. Each level again contains 10 missions which you’ll have to complete. So, in total, there are 70 missions, each of which will require a different tactic and approach to win. So, this game will test your smartness level and provide a lot of exercise for your brain.

Robot City Clash is not a linear game and so, you cannot expect to use the same strategy every time to win the mission. The Ai was created to act randomly most of the time giving a chance to the hooligans to try several things to beat you which you many not expect.

You may think that the levels will become more and more difficult. Yes, they will turn increasingly difficult; however, the good news is that the game is pretty easy and so, you won’t find it hard to crack the levels and so, your interest will continue and you’ll be thoroughly entertained.

Robot City Clash - 7 levels and 70 missions

Decide When to Summon Your Robots

Each police officer in your squad will be assigned a robot during a mission. But it’s up to you to decide when the cop can summon her or his robot. Robots are of three types: Defenders, Runners and Assassins. The job of the Defenders is to protect your officers and your base, whereas the job of the Runners is to get you Crystal coins which are the energy source required to activate the cops’ bracelets that enable them to summon the robots. The task of the Assassins is to eliminate the hooligans. Learning to master robots is super easy and you can do it within no time and start using robots to your advantage.

Robot City Clash - summon your robots

Upgrade Your Unit with Gold Coins

To upgrade your squads and to make them faster and stronger, you’ll need Gold Coins. When you first install the Robot City Clash app, you get 2,000 free gold coins. It’s advisable to keep upgrading your units again and again. It’s because when you do so, not only the do missions become easier, but also you get upper ranks. As you get upper ranks, you will avail higher levels. Thus, you’ll start the game as an officer but can reach up to the level of the Chief of Police.

Robot City Clash - great game of action and strategy

Crystal and Gold Coins

Robot City Clash is a free-to-download and free-to-play game. However, you can make in-app purchases due to which you can buy Crystal and Gold coins. However, these coins can also be collected while playing the game and for this you don’t have to purchase anything.

Robot City Clash is available on Google Play Store as well as iPhone App Store. So, go ahead, download the game and start playing. Show your bravery, brainpower and justice, free the city from hooligans and be a proud police officer that has a team of robots!

Robot City Clash - fearless squad

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