Roll For Combat – Sure to Engage You for Hours

Roll For CombatHow much do you love Starfinder and Dead Suns Adventure Path? Do you love to listen to live matches and adventures? If you do, here is good news for you! An actual podcast has been released just now in which you can listen to five friends playing the new exciting RPG by Paizo, Starfinder, and the Dead Suns Adventure Path.

This podcast is Roll For Combat and it is available on iTunes. It focuses on a group of lifelong RPG enthusiasts. Naturally listening to it is surely going to be fun with nerds with huge experience playing the exciting titles.

Members of the Gang

Members of the gang include John Staats, Jason McDonald, Stephen Glicker, Chris Beemer and Bo Markee.

John Staats is the lead developer on World of Warcraft for more than a decade.

Jason McDonald is a top Quora editor for the last 5 years.

Stephen Glicker has a whopping 14+ years of experience of podcasting and 20+ years gaming industry experience.

Chris Beemer has more than 40 years of experience in RPGs.

And Bob Merkee is the “geek savant” with more than 45 years of geek cred attached to his name.

In total, the group has more than 170 years of experience in RPGs.
In addition to these enthusiasts, there is Thurston Hillman who will act as a tour guide and introduce the world of Starfinder and Organized Play to the listeners. He is the developer for the Starfinder Society of Organized Play from Paizo.

The GM and host of the show is Stephen Glicker. The group has been together into gaming for more than ten years and wants to bring their friendship and experience to a bigger audience. People will be surely amused, entertained and will learn a lot while listening to their arguments on RPG rules.

Roll For Combat

Weekly Show

In the weekly shows, listeners will be presented the adventures of the group in Paizo’s Dead Suns Adventure Path campaign.

Big Podcast Launch Giveaway and Weekly Giveaways

On the occasion of the Big Podcast Launch there will be a grand giveaway of prizes worth more than $1000. What’s more, there will be giveaways every week for the next ten weeks. Prizes are grand and include Amazon gift cards, unique RPG content, Roll For Combat t-shirts and more. And listeners can enter the contest just by listening to the show. Above all, everyone entering the contest will win a unique prize definitely!

Characters in the Game

Tuttle Blacktail

Doctor Tuttle Blacktail is a junior researcher at the Perihelion Institute of Cybernetics on Verces. Basically a mechanic on a ship, Tuttle Blacktail soon realized that he had a flair for computer systems and realizing this he started in training in the world of academia.

He is distastefully proud of his doctorate and years after achieving it, Tuttle got the junior position at Perihelion but got projects lying at the low position in the priority list because of his strange ideas and an overall lack of social skills. This makes Tuttle return lately to his early spacefaring ways to collect funds on his own for his research.

Cybernetic Hybrid Dynamic Response Rover (C.H.D.R.R.) is his latest creation that assists him in his journeys, both as his bodyguard and to test his more advanced Al designs.

Tuttle Blacktail


C.H.D.R.R. Version 1.0 is a quite rudimentary application of the overall plan of Dr. Tuttle and he himself admits that. It’s constructed almost fully for combat operations.

His weaponry is very basic unfortunately, containing an advanced array of sensors that enables inadequate detection of threat and jump jets with restricted vertical mobility, since the requests of Dr. Blacktail for military-grade weaponry are not entertained by the local authorities on Verces.



Hirogi is an outcast orphan who has struggled to stay ahead of the predators that want to eat him every day. Hirogi has made the difficult task to stay alive and grow up in Castroval possible with the help of his brains and craftiness.

Making use of his brains, stealth and also to some amount, luck, Hirogi ultimately managed to reach a larger city-state where he thrived and honed his skills to become a thief and versatile rogue.

It was not surprising that at the rise to manhood he became Damaya rather than the unpolished Korasha. Being agile and charismatic, he grabbed the attention of a trained character named Darvin (after an unsophisticated pick-pocket attempt). Darvin, instead of calling authorities, took him under his training of stealthy arts, which was actually worse.

But Hirogi had an unfinished task. And here began the Great Hunt. Hirogi was insistent to pursue the predators in his home world, tracking them down and killing them one-by-one while bagging a trophy each time.

Afterwards Hirogi turned to study the other forms of life in the vast expanses of the galaxy. And he has started exploring the galaxy as a hunter, searching for a more challenging new prey.


Rusty Carter

This is a character who tells different stories about who he is depending upon who asks him that. He may tell that he was the son of a decorated steward or an important Pact Council member, or connected to the lower decks of his native Absolom Station. But he will never tell the truth.

The fact is that the Station in which he was raised in a downright middle-class family is typically so unnoticeable that it drove Rusty crazy as he wanted to belong to an exciting environment. He ran away from there quite early and never repented for that.

Rusty is expert in finding solutions to problems within a short time but is the happiest when he has someone else’s money which they give him because they liked him very much.

Rusty Carter

Maurice “Mo” Dupinski

Maurice is not a very lucky character, with his lucky period being only when he was an ordinance officer in the Vesk army. While he didn’t come across a great action, he won friendship of the fellas in his squad who renamed him Mo. He made those friends during his losing streak at poker.

After leaving the army early, he soon lived undependable low-life where his bad luck and bad judgement tried to win over each other, and so, he repented for leaving the armed services.

Maurice “Mo” Dupinski

All in all, there is a lot of excitement and interesting characters in the role playing game, enough to keep an ardent gamer engaged for hours. So, what are you waiting for? Get Roll Of Combat today and enjoy it!

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