ROMA Blades of Victory – Strategy Game on KICKSTARTER

ROMA Blades of VictoryIf you love constructions to make from scratch, ambience of ancient cities and/or battles between ancient troops, I have good news for you! A combination of all these is coming soon and the name of the game is ROMA Blades of Victory! The Kickstarter campaign of the game is already live.

What is ROMA Blades of Victory?

ROMA Blades of Victory is an enchanting strategy game in which you can get the chance to build cities in the 8th century B.C. Rome (foundation time of Rome). Therefore, you can expect to have a lot of excitement because you can experience a grand story full of glory, creativity and leadership. You can build a Roman city, train troops, start your own alliance or join an existing one and fight against enemies (players from around the world) with an aim to make your empire the leader of the world!

ROMA Blades of Victory be an emperor from chieftain

What is Unique about ROMA Blades of Victory?

A unique feature of this game which you won’t found in other games is that you will get the ability to build the famous Roman Empire from scratch. Unlike many imagine, Rome was not a powerful, marble empire in the beginning, neither was it built in a day. You (and all your opponents) have to start the game as a chieftain of a small, feeble village belonging to the Iron Age. Next you will have to work very hard to lead your people into making your village the great city of Rome. And then you will be an Emperor from a chieftain. Thus, you will need to have multiple qualities like city management, research, leadership and warfare if you want to win this game.ROMA Blades of Victory village


The main objective of the game would be to found the “Pax Romana” which means 51% of the known part of the earth has been conquered by players and their alliances.ROMA Blades of Victory city


How to Play?

You can play in God-like mode in which you can manage 3 map layers, viz. World, City and Strategic Map.

ROMA Blades of Victory roma game strategy map

You can also unlock the 4 Ages of Rome and play through them so as to progress from a tribal chief to an emperor.

You will get fully detailed buildings to construct. New levels and features of each of these buildings can be unlocked as the story progresses and the joy of watching an amazing city coming to life is unmatched.

ROMA Blades of Victory 4 roman ages

Great Graphics and Technology

There is a lot of scope for the players for their creativity as well as pleasure for the eyes with great graphics. There will be over 100 unique buildings plus 10 actual Roman Wonders. You will have 18 exclusive military units that have 16 levels of upgrading. As many as 72 technologies would be at your service. Not to mention 3 map layers and plenty of collectibles. The 3D lush landscapes will soothe your eyes and hand-painted textures will engross you in another world where you can set your creativity free.

ROMA Blades of Victory 55 unique enhancements

The game is being designed by Byosphera Srl, an energetic team led by equally energetic and creative leaders, Guido Guidotti Mori and Gian Luca Masciangelo, in Rome, Italy.

ROMA Blades of Victory will be totally free to play and will be available to you in the start of 2017. You can play it on Android, iOS and Web Browser.

Help this wonderful game in various ways to develop and complete by joining the team because it’s going to be the best game of its kind!

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