Santa Rush Delivery – An Ultimate Fun Christmas Game Arriving this December

Santa Rush Delivery - Coming SoonChristmas is around the corner. What do you like the most about Christmas? I love Santa! I am sure, most of you too! But imagine, if Santa doesn’t arrive in time? Won’t you be distressed? All the joy of Christmas will vanish if there is no Santa Claus riding a sledge of reindeers, saying “Ho-ho-ho”, wearing a cherry red suit with white furry borders, fun conical stocking cap with white pompom on the tip and a sac full of gifts! Your home might be visited by Santa Claus; but what about those hundreds of good children who couldn’t meet him because he had so many hurdles in his way and he got stuck in them! I am talking about the brand new Christmas game that will be arriving this December 2015 – Santa Rush Delivery! You have to help Santa to pass the obstacles and reach the houses of those kids who are waiting for him eagerly!

Santa Rush Delivery is the latest runner game brought to you by Derecho Studios to celebrate 2015’s Christmas in a new fun way! Here you will not only enjoy the gifts brought to you by Santa Claus, but will also help him to deliver gifts to other good kids. While doing this, you will also collect delicious candy canes which will offer you power ups and upgrades!

The obstacles are amazingly hilarious and so, you will find it fun to deal with them. Plus you will get candy canes. Your friends too will play Santa Rush Delivery whom you have to beat. Then share your Christmas gear collection, like the disco suit and matching cap, this holiday.

You have to jump from rooftop to rooftop when you have to be careful with the gap between the houses as you should not let your Santa drop down.

Santa Running in Game

There is also a classic Santa route available which you may want to choose in a shining red suit. And there are lots of gear available, like mitts, suits, gloves and even boots. Customize Santa Claus in any way you want and share with your loved ones. But here is a fun catch too. The items are crafted by a team of elves who may play some tricks with them! But you may also get some items with magical powers to your pleasant surprise.

Not Getting Santa’s Visit on Christmas is the Worst Thing in Life!

Don’t let it happen to other girls and boys! Help Santa Clause meet them. You will come across many gaps and hurdles on the delivery run.

The Candy Canes to be collected on the way will help you achieve higher score. You will also get something as a bonus for yourself when you help Santa to deliver gifts to good children and at the end of each round, you can buy upgrades with the candy sticks and bonus. The upgrades can be used to get even further and achieve still higher scores.

But beware! As you progress further, the run will become even faster and more challenging!

All in all, Santa Rush Delivery is an ultimate fun game, just apt for the upcoming Christmas time. You need not wait for too long – it will come just this December. Download it, play and have fun!

buying upgrades

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