Scary Maze Game – Popular and Fun Forever!

coucouThe Scary Maze Game is the favorite of prank-loving people. It’s a scare prank and shock site presented to the viewers typically as a flash-based puzzle game demanding high concentration and attention, and soon scare the unsuspecting gamer with a close up of a ghastly-looking woman and audio of an eardrum-tearing scream. One of the oldest and most popular “bait-and-switch” scare pranks till date, the scary maze game has motivated dozens of scary prank videos online on YouTube and more.

According to Scary Maze Games – the flash maze game website – the original “Scary Maze Game” was developed by Jeremy Winterrowd in 2003. After the completion of 3rd level of the game, the gamer is rewarded with a big picture of the character of Regan McNeil (played by Linda Blair) in the 1973-horror film The Exorcist.


On 20th May 2006, a YouTuber CantWeAllJusGetAlong uploaded a video of a young boy being scared by the maze game, gaining more than 26.7 million views and 52,000 comments in the first 8 years. On 7th July, another YouTuber ryanjyn2008 uploaded a screenshot of the maze game earning over 14.4 million views along with 6,800 comments in next 7 years. On 30th August, xxmrdennisxx, still another YouTuber, uploaded recording of a little girl scared by the game and within 6 years it gained 8.8 million views as well as 35,000 comments.

YouTuber nalts posted a video of a boy scared of the maze game on 27th June 2008, which earned over 42.1 million views and 14,000 comments in the next six years. On 2nd August, the MileyMandy YouTube channel released a video in which pop star Miley Cyrus tricked her friend by playing the maze game which gained 7.6 million views along with 44,000 comments in its first five years.

But the animate GIF posted by Redditor lemon_loaf is a height of imagination wherein a man is shown surprised by somebody hiding under his desk, during his scary maze play. This post earned over 1,100 up votes as well as 40 comments even before it was archived.

scary maze-animated

The Scary Maze Game is still super hit and fun, and shows the importance of fear element in our lives. No wonder, its popularity is increasing day by day.

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