Sudoku 2016 – No One Can Solve – Solve it if You Consider Yourself a Master of Puzzles

sudoku 2016Do you love Sudoku and other puzzles? If you do, you have good news that you can now play a combination of Sudoku and puzzle sliding game in the form of Sudoku 2016 – No One Can Solve! The name itself is catchy because it can tease you and evoke you to play, especially if you consider yourself a master of puzzles. This captivating game is available on both, Android and iOS, and is completely free!

Basics of Sudoku

If you haven’t yet tried a Sudoku, you at least might have heard about it and know how people love solving one. So, let’s look at the basics of Sudoku so as to make you interested in this age-old puzzle.

Well, Sudoku is a game of numbers but it has nothing to do with math; so, math-haters, don’t worry! The puzzle is made of a grid and numbers 1 to 9, each of which is found in some of the spaces in the grid and some spaces will be empty; so, you will have to find the number in the empty spaces. Sounds interesting? But beware! It’s equally challenging too, and not to mention, the interest it creates.

So, you can imagine, you just have to use your common sense and logic to find out the numbers, because no number should be repeated in the given grid, row or column. In place of numbers, there are sometimes 9 alphabets or symbols too; so, as I said, it’s nothing to do with math.

Sudoku comes in various levels of difficulties. The more empty spaces in the puzzle, the more challenging will it be.

sudoku 2016 - No One Can Solve

What is a Puzzle Sliding Game?

As opposed to a Sudoku, a puzzle sliding game contains all the spaces in the grid filled, but incorrectly. You have to slide them in such a way that it will come to a correct logical combination.

So, you can now guess, what a fun the new Sudoku 2016 – No One Can Solve is! You have to solve a Sudoku in a sliding puzzle fashion. This means that the answer of Sudoku is present already, but the numbers are placed in wrong places and you have to slide them to bring them in their correct positions.

You might think you can do it! Yes, you can. But remember timer is ticking and you have to finish before it’s out. You will be provided with ‘Tutorials’ on how to solve it at each stage. You will also get bonuses on the way to solving the puzzles so that you can gain higher scores; but you shouldn’t depend on them too much, as timer may get over.

While solving a Sudoku (if you are an ardent Sudoku player) you might have felt the need of more and more challenging puzzles. Here that need of yours will be fulfilled with the difficulty level increasing at each stage. And there are advanced game options too.

Sudoku 2016 – No One Can Solve is a next generation puzzle game and looks superb on both – phones as well as tablets. It has the power to captivate even a person that is completely new to puzzle solving and once you start solving, you go on getting more and more immersed in the game.

So, what are you waiting for? Go to Google Play or App Store and download the game – it’s free!

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