Tips and Tricks to Earn NHL 15 Coins

NHL 15 coinsAlthough NHL 15 is packed with game modes that have a great value, the obvious shining star is HUT or Hockey Ultimate Team! It brings together several of hockey fans and favorite things of gamers, like collecting virtual cards, building a team and trying to win against other human players. It’s an extremely challenging experience, particularly when it is about earning enough in-game currency – HUT Coins or Pucks – to build your desired team. But there are some tips and tricks which can help you to earn the NHL 15 coins.

Daily Rewards

When you will log in the HUT, you can earn some daily rewards. Though you may not wish to play, just log in. It can earn you around 1200 pucks per day! This will make quite a decent amount at the end of the month.

Keep an Eye on the Market

The economy in NHL 15 is dynamic by nature. You should keep a keen eye on the market. The prices of cards keep changing as per the market. You will come across a vast amount of information. Keep yourself updated with all the info, like card values, checklists, getting trading partners to create a team, etc.

Right Time for Trading

This is perhaps the most important point. You should be aware of the exact time for buying as well as selling. E.g. you can purchase cards at less market value and sell them back for a higher price. This will make you a good amount. Such type of transactions elevates the value of cards and you earn the profit. This can be applied to a variety of cards the game has.

Don’t Make Haste to Sell

If you don’t rush to sell, that will help you to earn a few Pucks at the end of a month. Don’t sell a player for a low auction price, because you are likely to earn more by waiting till the price increases. If you place a low-priced player in auction with a little higher price, that will help you to earn a value somewhere in between the range and you can also earn the profit.


Never make the mistake of start playing directly and thinking that you can earn the HUT coins upon winning some matches. As mentioned above, you have to first study the NHL 15 market which is dynamic. Keep a keen watch on some cards which are highest paid. After a particular time, you may see the other players may keep them for sale at a pretty low auction price. Buy them at low price and sell back at a higher price. Here you will have to keep patience and you can earn a lot. is a leading online shop for buying HUT coins. Buying Pucks here is simple and hassle-free. If you want a safe and trustworthy store to buy these coins, HUT Coins Buy is just the right place.

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