Tips For Playing iMobsters

So, you became addicted to iMobsters? This interesting application has been increasingly popular all around the world, so everywhere you can see people searching for iMobsters codes etc. Are you good at playing this game or are you just one of the users losing almost every battle? We will try to share some useful tips with you, so you can become better at this addictive application. First of all, get the right weapons for defending and attacking, roll deep and try to earn a high hourly income per day.

Rolling deep is good because the number of weapons you can use in a battle is related to the mobsters you have. As you know, every weapon you use has its own number of possible defense or attack points. For example, if you have 50 people mobsters, you have 50 guard dogs – 450 points for defense or attack. Let’s say you fight against a player who has 30 people in his/her mob. In case he/she has stronger weapon, however, fewer he/she has 270 points, therefore you have the advantage against that player. Once again, the more people in your mob, the more powerful you are! When it comes to the weapons, you should buy them wisely. If you start buying all the best and the most expensive weapons, you will lose all your money. This way you will become a broke mobster and you certainly do not want that to happen.











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