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titanfallAt a first glance at the 2014 MPFPS by Respawn Entertainment, Titanfall, you feel everything familiar. Its weapons, its grenades, its industrial complexes and grimy villages seeming to have hosted uncountable battles look something with which you are very well acquainted. But when you start playing the game, you come to know that you have come across something special.

Here dynamics is the key. The title offers you the ability to climb, leap and wall-run around the map and though these actions may look simple, they create a thrilling range of possibilities. You and your enemies are not constrained any longer by stairwells and corridors, and can go through an unrestrictive, high-flying combat wherein the sheer fun of movement turns the acquainted feel into a fresh and vibrant one.

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Titanfall happens on remote settlements in the space-faring future, where the refined steel of well-established colonies contrasts with the tarnished metal of frontier outposts.

You get two abilities as a jump kit-equipped pilot: wall run and double jump, and because of these abilities you can perform all the amazing stunts. Wall run is dependent on your angle of approach. If you run straight towards a wall and leap in it, you get stuck and can double jump towards a roof or a window. Double jump enables you to conquer shipping containers and easily jump into the second storey windows. If you approach a wall from an acute angle, you begin running automatically horizontally along the wall. The moment you begin wall running, you ability of double jump resets and there the fun starts!

tremendous mobility

If you see your foe down an alley, you can wall run straight towards him, springing back and forth within parallel walls. This will make you a difficult target. E.g. if you are crossing a courtyard, you can wall-run along a billboard, double jump from the rooftop and again to another rooftop. How you got to the roof? – perhaps leaping out from a top floor window or jumping between two buildings, back and forth.

What is interesting is you will eventually perform much more complex movement, but their roots lie in those two basic abilities. And the fun part is, though you might need a strong tutorial or a few matches to have a good sense of making your pilot stick to walls, it’s simple to start linking together impressive feats quite early.

jumping down

This is what you enjoy the most in the game – moving around the map! It’s added with a constant challenge of making an effort to exploit every building, zipline and billboard to your advantage.

There are 15 maps – all rich with possibilities of innovative locomotion. You get dense city areas to perform the courageous rooftop acrobatics and a corporate enclave offers you curving architectural lines to exploit. Also you get open interior spaces in many buildings. In short, leaping in and out of windows and changing heights quickly is a normal feature of the game. In a competitive shooter, it’s always beneficial to learn the maps; but Titanfall increases this satisfaction even more with your increased mobility which means that you can still learn so much.

titanfall leaps and jumps

The exciting experience of playing Titanfall is extremely invigorating and rejuvenating. The title reinvents what you love to play in a competitive shooter. In short, Titanfall is a step further for shooters, a game combining the new and vibrant with the established, thus something really exclusive!

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wall run

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