Top 3 FortNite Hacks that will Make You Excel in the Game

FortNite hackThe Battle Royale mode of FortNite is full of glitches that uncover some great opportunities for players. It may not have now as numerous as it did when it was first launched since Epic has been patching as many as possible as quickly as possible. However, there are some working glitches and hacks at work at any given time that you can take advantage of.

However, you have to be careful. While some of these glitches and hacks are safe, others may make you banned from FortNite Battle Royale. To avoid that, here is only the best FortNite hack list that will only benefit you.

1. No Glider Hack

Landing sooner than other players can offer you a great advantage early in the game. Reaching the ground earlier means that you will be the first player most probably to get the best items, weapons and resources. You will also get the best position that can help you pick off the opponent more easily.

So, how to land sooner than other players? You can do that by withholding releasing your glider for as long as possible. But there is a problem here that while landing, the game will make you utilize the auto-parachute feature immediately as you reach the freefall limit.

Thankfully, some players have found a hack that has permitted them to avoid the auto-parachute activation by landing as near the shoreline as possible.

Thus right when the airbus reaches the island, jump off at the shoreline and try to make your freefall above the water just around an inch away from the land. The auto-parachute activation doesn’t work above a water body, so you can freefall as long as required.

Next you can release the glider manually above the ground and collect all the best loot.

2. Underground Hack

This is a great hack that allows you to move and shoot your opponents from under the grassy floor, while being totally unseen and unbeatable.

All you have to do is to go to a particular location on the map where you can enter a small hut that is perched under a big tree. After entering the hut, dig the floor with your pickaxe. When you break the floor you will notice that the walls of the hut extend down in the ground. Break those extensions of the walls too upon which you will see an opening that will take you underground and virtually do whatever without being discovered.

3. Wallbreach Hack

This is similar to the Underground hack; however, it’s located under the bridge on the map. You just have to climb up the grassy stairs under the bridge, reach the top by the wall and jump in the breach there.

This will make you invisible to other players and you will be able to shoot them without being seen.

Use these hacks and excel in your FortNite gameplay!

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