Top 5 Mario Games Tips

3 super-mario-brosIt is beyond doubt that the Super Mario games are super popular because of the rewarding experience they are offering over the years, right from the original Super Mario Bros. game on the NES to the lavish Super Mario 3D World of the last year for Wii U. Enjoy an extensive range of Mario and other games at Though Mario games are so popular one will also agree that they are sometimes quite challenging and if you want to enjoy playing them, you should get every tip and trick you can get. Here are some useful Mario cheats for you.

Super Mario Bros. 3 – The Double Warp Whistles

This is a trick to reach the final stage in Super Mario Bros. 3 without having to worry about the remaining game. Gather both the warp whistles in the 1st world. You will find the 1st one in World 1-3 (crumple down for 5 seconds on the white block, then vanish into the background and run to right and you will reach the treasure room) and the other in World 1 fortress (pick up the leaf and once you see a hole in the ceiling, fly and then run towards right to grab the 2nd whistle). Once you get them, turn on the 1st one in world select stage and you will reach the level warp room. While you are here, play the 2nd one and automatically you will beat to the level 8 pipe.

Super Mario 64 –1Ups in Final War

Suppose you enter the final war with Browser in the game, but you feel the danger to lose all your lives. Don’t be afraid. In this final stage, take a stroll behind the top left pillar and you will find a 1up every time!

Super Mario Galaxy – Homing Ground Pound

In this Wii adventure, a super trick is that Mario is able to send a homing Ground Pound on foe. It works this way. Jump in air and by shaking the Wii controller, do a spin there up in the air with Mario. At the same time while doing this press the Z key. With this, he will launch in a Ground Pound which will target on the closest enemy.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii – The Super Guide

Not able to pass a level in this multiplayer Wii romp? Use this neat cheat – if you happen to die for over 8 times in a line, you get the option to make the computer play for you using the Super Guide. But remember that this works only up to World 8. Again in World 9, you have to be on your own.

Super Mario World – Escaping with Your Life

A smart quirk in this 16-bit SNES classic game is you can have the facility to run off a level with your life if you end up always falling into a pit. Hit Select and Start on the controller before you fall totally off the screen, which will take you back to the Stage Select screen. Remember that to do this, you will have to have passed the level on which you are at least once.

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