Top 5 Mods for Minecraft 1.11 that Make the Game Much More Fun

craftguide mod minecraftThe Minecraft world has become richer than ever. There is tech, nature, magic and so many things with which you can enhance your in-game experience dramatically. Today there are some best Minecraft mods available, just difficult to rank based on their superiority; still, experts at MinecraftRed have tried to enlist the top 5 mods for Minecraft 1.11.

1. OptiFine

You will be surprised to know that Minecraft doesn’t run well on fast or slow devices and very poorly on low-end laptops. The OptiFine HD mod 1.11 has been particularly developed to optimize Minecraft 1.10.2/1.11 resource utility enabling players to enjoy a perfect experience. This is an important Mod for player to play Minecraft having features such as FPS boost, linked textures, making variable distances and more. You get a great enhancement in FPS irrespective of if the players are playing single/disconnected or multiplayer/on. However, if the player is playing online in a Mod, s/he should install external server on the system so as to make it work.

optifine hd mod minecraft

2. Pixelmon Mod

Pixelmon Mod 1.11 adds a number of monsters from the Pokemon GO anime to Minecraft. If you love both these games, you are going to fall for this Mod, as it has been enriched with the addition of these cute critters that are around three hundred in all. One of the major reasons why this mod has become popular among many players is that it enables you to add it without the need of removing other Mods. So, you face no interference. On Minecraft minimaps, you can find a lot of pokemons.

pixelmon mod minecraft

3. Shaders Mod

The Shaders Mod 1.11 is a very practical modification to the game of Minecraft which offers a better impact of graphics along with smooth movements and realistic reflections. You can discover the world and realize that this mod has something completely new in it; it offers more life to the game; it was shading that Minecraft was missing, you can feel a perfect improvement of softening in the game, and so, anyone will love this mod.

slidurs shaders mod minecraft vibrance
4. X-Ray Mod

X-ray mod in Minecraft has been found to be extremely useful and fun. Its great feature is that it goes well with Optifine, Forge and Rei’s Minimap too. This mod enables you to see beneath the stones and walls, so you can find hidden things.

x-ray mod minecraft

5. CraftGuide Mod

The CraftGuide Mod in Minecraft 1.11 is another extremely useful tool giving you a quick access to an array of craft recipes. You might have thought of a lot regarding what to do with the apparently useless goods. And if you have forgotten to create useful stuff in Minecraft Mods, you will find CraftGuide very useful. Finding your favorite recipe in the long list is quite easy with the scroll bar, arrow keys, Page Up/Down and even you can search for particular blocks or items by just hitting Set Item upon which a window will appear in which you can type the item’s name and you will get it.

craftguide mod minecraft

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