Top 5 Online Racing Games

monster truck rallyRecently, not only the apps but also games are leaving the desktops and quietly making their major presence on the internet. From a mono player 2D flash game, online games today are rivaling their desktop cousins regarding performance as well as 3D graphics. One of the major benefits on online games is you can play them with players around the world and the other is cost saving. You don’t need any costly consoles or gaming gear for them. Online games are of countless types; but racing games are perhaps the most popular among them all. Here are top 5 racing games.

1. Monster Truck Rally Game

Monster Truck Rally game is an online racing game you can play for free. It has one of the highest ratings. You have to race Monster Trucks on rally tracks across the world. Their enormous wheels can drive over anything! You can race four trucks on eight courses from all over the world. Your trucks will face ramps, water hazards and crushed cars, and you will face up to 15 other competitors. So, enjoy playing Monster Truck Rally truck rally game


2. Upshift Strikeracer

This is a high-octane car fight game meant for quick sessions. The gameplay offers you to do whatever you fancy to do in the real world, e.g. driving a race car equipped with heavy ordinance at tremendous speed and blowing out your competitors. The easy to play format of the game is its USP. You can buy several vehicles, accessory kits, body kits, finishes, weapons and special items in the game.

Upshift Strikeracer

3. Project Powder

This is a 3D, MMO snowboarding racing game. You can race with up to 8 players at a time plunging down slow-clad mountains. There are three modes in the game – first Race, second Coin and third Battle. So, you get a lot of diversity and thereby fun while playing the game. In the Race mode, teams can be created or you can race alone to cross the finish line. A variety of offensive and defensive items are available in the game of which you can take benefit of to get victory in Race mode.

Project Powder

4. HEAT Online

This online MMO racing game was earlier known as Project Torque. It gives you an enthralling high-speed racing on and off the race with tens of fantastic cars. You can compete against thousands of other players from across the streets of LA, on the Mexican or Hungarian off-road tracks, on the racetracks of Germany, on the rooftops of Shanghai, in the English countryside and many more.

HEAT Online

5. Drift City

This game’s story is extremely interesting. The game is set in the future where there is a severe oil shortage which hampers industries around the world. There is a functional island in the world, Mittron, where new fuel is invented and the island is now powerful having all means of transportation to run longer, faster and cleaner. The rest of the world and the OMD Government are trying to tap this new fuel for progress, but at this time, mystifying cars known as HUVs start terrorizing the streets of Mittron Island. You will play the role of an OMD driver and should complete the mission that the OMD Government assigns to you!

Drift City

All these are great entertaining games and you will enjoy every moment while playing them. So, download them or play directly and have fun!

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