Top 5 Racing Game Apps for Android

eng1Racing games are all-time favorites; and why not? We love the excitement it involves, the dizziness the speed brings, the pounding of heart, the excellent sounds and graphics these games feature, are all doubtlessly enticing. From arcade smashfests to ultra-realistic racing simulators and anything and everything in between, we love them all! Here are top 5 racing app games available for Android devices.

1. Moto Racing

Moto Racing is a fantastic bike racing game app available on Google Play that enables you to control bikes ultra fast for city and road. You have to let trucks and cars move further and make more rings, which allow you to purchase new racing machines. The game has controls that are easy and sound is incredible – the main component of a racing game. And now there are new icons and tracks added; so, enjoy! This is your chance to prove that you are the most passionate and aggressive biker!

moto racing

moto racing

2. Bike Racing 3D

This is the No. 1 BMX racing game with crazy action! You have to drive through various treacherous tracks and enjoy the extremely realistic motorbike physics and high speed gameplay. This is an easy to play hard to master game which will keep you engrossed for hours. Race, leap and crash your track and opponents through superb roads as you master the motocross physics in this fast-paced racing voyage.

bike racing 3D

3. Fast Racing 3D

Fast Racing 3D is the highest speed and most thrilling 3D racing games today! It features a combination of stunning graphics and addictive game play that will make you veer through looming traffic, gathering power ups and beating other racers off the road. With jaw-dropping tracks, astounding physics and wonderful cars, Fast Racing 3D offers an all new racing experience to Android users.

fast racing

4. Drag Racing

In Drag Racing you get a chance to drive over 50 officially licensed cars and 1000HP supercars. You can purchase the car of your dreams, install performance upgrades and display your skills in ½ or ¼ mile races. You can challenge millions of players on 1 to 1 online race, drive your rival’s car or take part in real time races containing 10 players in Pro League.

Would you love to drive a traditional 69 Mustang, an iconic Skyline GT-R or a spanking new BMW M3? Drag Racing literally includes every sports car to enjoy for you.

You can try to find the correct balance between grip and power while keeping on in your class. You can also add nitrous oxide to have more fun, but don’t press the button too early. And you can also win 10 races in a row or challenge a world record!

drag racing

5. Moto Loko HD

If high speed brings a zing to you, Moto Loko is the game for you wherein you will get cars as well as motorbikes. You can get your Super Sport Motorcycle and have fun of this tough game. See if you can survive this Great Race throughout the city.

moto loko hd

Anyone who picks up these games will fall in love with them because of the speed they involve. Plus the graphics and sounds are great. So, what are you waiting for? Go, download the apps and have fun!

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