Top 5 Reasons Why Retro Games are Considered Better than Modern Games

Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac AgeWhile debating over whether old times were better than the newer ones, most people may argue that today’s life is much better because technology has made it so. However, it’s surprising that when it comes to a field like video gaming, most gamers are of opinion that retro gaming was better than modern gaming! Let’s see what the reasons are.

1. Start Playing at Once

Today you can’t just start playing at once! Retro gaming allowed gamers to just pick up a controller and hit the power button to start playing the game within a few seconds. Today you have to wait for countless screens to load, struggle through innumerable options, stand random software updates and yawn through the 20 minutes of pre-game cinematics. Many gamers get nostalgic with the days when they used to play a game on a whim and took little to no effort.


Horizon Zero Dawn

2. Beating the Game

Today’s games lack the possibility of not winning. Lives are unimportant. Countless checkpoints are present to ensure completion and even some games will go so far as to help the player after a certain number of deaths. Certainly all this denotes that almost everyone can experience the hard work of the developer, but “beating the game” really doesn’t mean anything any longer. There may be a number of trophies, rewards and other achievements, but the retro games gave the satisfaction of beating the game, being aware that only a few wrong steps could nullify all your hard work and you had to go straight back to the starting point.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

3. Limited Choice

In the times of retro games, there was not a great range of choices available to choose only good games or games that lack in a lot of frustrating difficulty. There was no saturation of the game market with numerous options, neither did guides and reviews have free access (particularly before the advent of internet’s widespread usage), and since they were costly, you had to get the value for your money. So, gamers learned to love things or tolerate them even though they weren’t so good to start with.

Mass Effect Andromeda Deluxe

4. Less is More

Today’s game controller has a pair of pressable, potentiometer-based sticks, four face buttons, one d-pad and four shoulder buttons, with two of them being pressure sensitive. This is if you don’t consider the ‘start’ button. Old game controller had only one button and one stick. But that’s not the only reason gaming used to be easier. Times used to come when your game system could be fired up, you could run through some rounds of your favorite game and having got your ‘fix’, and turn it off. Even after gaming stepped into the 16-bit era, a certain ‘choose and play’ aspect was present that seemed to promote casual gaming.

Nier - Automata

Nothing is wrong with ‘more’. Today’s games are fantastic, with their sandboxes more detailed than ever, with more lifelike worlds and characters than ever before. But we’ve come to a point where, if they are allowed, video games can actually displace our life. Doing things that we do in real life seems to be redundant and obtrusive, unlike blowing away a grid of aliens.

The Legend of Zelda - Breath of the Wild - Nintendo Switch

5. Lively Colors

Many gamers are impressed with the realism in today’s games, but still miss the 8- and 16-bit color palettes. Those vivid, bright colors used to make them feel that they were playing real video games and not any type of simulation. It was also interesting to see the artists’ magic made with those small palettes.

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Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age

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