Top 5 Tips to Play Video Games for Free

FIFA-13 free download at Ocean of GamesWhile more and more video games are being available for free downloads, the latest and most sought after games are a little difficult to get for free. However it is not impossible if you are ready to put in some hard work. Another trick is to wait while playing the now-free hits of 2012 for the latest costly releases till their prices drop. Here are some more tips and tricks.

1. Look for Game Store Offers

Many brick-and-mortar game stores offer games for free or at least for discounted price in a couple of ways:

Exchange your used games
Buy a game, play it and return it within a stipulated time to get a full refund. (Warning: Don’t do this too often, otherwise you may be banned from the store).


2. Exchange with Other Gamers


While playing games with other gamers, you can communicate with them about their liking and collection and look for if they are willing to exchange their games with yours.


3. Visit Ocean of Games


Ocean of Games is a website where you can download games for free. They are a group of game developers and players and have a fabulous collection of games which includes PES 2012 Konami, FIFA 2015, FIFA 2014, FIFA 2013, FIFA 2012, FIFA 2011, FIFA 2010, Pepsi Man, Planet Coaster, GTA Vice City and many, many more. They also have an amazing range of genres like War, Shooting, Simulating, Racing, Sports, Horror, Action and more. You can also read reviews of the latest games here which is helpful for you to decide whether to download a game or not.


4. Free-to-play Games


Thousands of free games are available out there though all of them may not be of your liking. Both major independent studios and developers have been finding free-to-play model. Continue searching till you find a game or games that may match your interests. Some most renowned free games include the collectible card game Hearthstone, the battle arena League of Legends, the Diablo-like Path of Exile, the first-person shooter Team Fortress 2 and more.


5. Get Totally Free Games


Totally free games, unlike free-to-play games, don’t feature an irritating message attempting to sell you in-game perks. It has become almost common now for games to be free in the long run, though you may have to wait for them a few years after their launch date.

In this way, by applying a little imagination and exploring here and there, you can enjoy playing various games for free!

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