Top 6 Gaming Magazines

lesgogaming magThe concept of online gaming magazines is fantastic. Online gaming magazine apps score over normal magazines being interactive with fun content like videos, besides an array of games. They also provide you regular updates and tips on various games on the market. They provide you the latest version of a game. And you also get the news of the launch of a title first of all through a gaming magazine app. What’s more, they also offer you great offers, promotional discounts and deals. Here are 6 top gaming magazines, which you should know.

1. Game Informer

This US based gaming magazine is published monthly and features news and articles about video gaming. You can get all the relevant information like gaming strategies for various games, previews and reviews, and much more. The magazine was first launched in 1991 and was published and owned by GameStop Corporation.

lesgogaming mag

2. LesgoGaming Mag

LesgoGaming Mag is an ultimate gaming magazine providing you a whole lot of information like reviews, news, tips, guides and more. It has been developed by Shania Wikeley. It provides you regularly at least 2 app games reviewed of which one is free and the other is paid. Plus it offers, gaming cheats, tips, previews, news, interactive picture galleries, and much more. LesgoGaming offers an award winning 7-day free trial through which you can take a general feel of the magazine and you will surely want to subscribe. LesgoGaming Mag gaming magazine for ipad and Android is also available.

lesgogaming mag

3. Gamasutra

An American gaming magazine, Gamasutra is an interesting gaming publication which focuses on art and business involved in the creation of games. Do you dream of developing your own game? And do you want to know how one is developed? If yes, you should visit Gamasutra. You can buy stuff which can help you in developing game by yourself, like help books, CDs, guides, and similar material.

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4. Games Radar

Games Radar is a nice video game magazine which consists of news, previews, reviews, videos and tips about a particular game. Games Radar has been published by Future Publishing and operates only in the UK and the US. The specialty of this gaming magazine is it features a wonderful combo of professional and comedic journalism styles.

lesgogaming mag

5. Game Revolution

Founded in 1996 and based in California, Game Revolution is one of the most popular gaming magazines and includes precious gaming info including previews and reviews of games. It has also a particular area dedicated to downloading games, videos, web comics, screenshots, cheats and a range of gaming merchandise. Its content is more dedicated to the topics like the future of next generation consoles.

lesgogaming mag

6. Escapist

This gaming magazine is centered on topics like gaming industry, gaming cultures, and of course, video games itself. It was founded on 2005 and releases a weekly edition on every Tuesday. Various topics are touched in every issue of the magazine, but the primary focus is on gaming culture.

You will get many gaming magazines online. You should go through them carefully and watch their characteristics and whether they are of your liking. Then you can keep visiting selected high quality magazines regularly and keep your gaming knowledge updated.

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