Useful Tips to Play and Enjoy Unreal Tournament

Unreal Tournament 4Unreal Tournament is perhaps the speediest among all video games, especially speediest among all first person shooters. You can know about many topics like Unreal Tournament weapons, aiming, translocation, suicide, and more, to become a pro! Here are some tips.


Carefully select, test and re-select the crosshair. Ensure that it is not too large to obstruct images and also not too tiny so as to be unable to be seen. You need to use it for aiming! Hope that you know that crosshair remains in the same location and never changes its position on the screen. Let your eyes be on the crosshair and let the players be in your nearby peripheral vision around it. Crosshair style can be set in the weapon database. Remember that red crosshair can be hidden in the blood at any key moment, while green crosshairs can be camouflaged by trees, grass etc.

Another point to keep in mind is the sensitivity setting of mouse. For weapons that need better aim, e.g. shock rifle, much better aim can be achieved by a lower setting. If you don’t know how to set it, begin with 1.75 mouse sensitivity, 0.50 mouse smoothing and zero mouse acceleration. Actually you should go to 1 on 1 instagib and practise aiming and then adjust aiming as required.

Understand Translocation

You should have knowledge of using the translocator. Practise using it in single player and remember that aiming weapons and aiming tranlocator are two different things. The translocator shoots up in an arch unlike bullets or missiles which go in a straight line. Right after translocating and just before right clicking on the mouse, left click on the mouse to switch back fast to your earlier weapon – this is important. Translocate your opponents and shoot them from above. Having the translocator handy is a great benefit, because in some games it is disabled.

Understand Your Map

Study your map and know well where things, like health, weapons, etc. are. If you don’t know about their positions but your opponent does, they will be tremendously benefitted. It’s good to find resources between combats and running a bit of a flexible circuit. It’s better to study the map first in single player.

Find hidden view points for camping (also known as snipering). Some servers don’t allow camping, whereas some others allow it sincerely.


Suicide on its own isn’t helpful to achieve much, but it’s a part of a harmonized strategy and can become an important feature in winning a game. For example, let a player run in the flag chamber of the opponents with the redeemer to commit suicide. (You may clear the flag chamber without suicide). Another couple plays when the chamber is clear, one capturing the flag and another move in covering closely.

Hope, these tips will be helpful to you to be successful in Unreal Tournament! Enjoy the game!

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