Vigilant – An Enchanting Story-based Game

VigilantIf you are an ardent gamer, but love story-based games more than action-based ones, here’s a new game for you named Vigilant. The ambiance in the game is adorable and playing it is certainly going to take you to an enchanting world and make you relax.

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As said earlier, the game Vigilant will take you to a different world, because its story takes place in a town named Telessa, which is in the continent of North Obsidia which is located in the northwest corner of the world. Telessa is a quiet town and is inhabited by Antros which are busy in their hobbies and also maintain a perfect Worship attendance.

However, this time of peace will be soon ending as the world is dying slowly and the Goddess sleeps.

Vigilant golemnite


The characters in Vigilant are fun ants of various shapes.

Strem Kristo

There are three brothers in the story, Strem Kristo, Armoz and Rami Phlek. Strem is the eldest of the three and also is the most senior Antry Defendant in the town of Telessa. He is extremely popular in the town and efficiently maintains peace and gives judgments on matters. He has a high Aeonic Quotient because of which he could have been qualified for joining the Order; but he instead chose to become a warrior and joined the Antry.


Armoz was born with an extraordinarily high AQ due to which he can perform The Worship only once a week. He is the middle brother of Rami and Strem. He loves downtime and being highly intelligent, easily avoid real work or any responsibilities. He prefers a carefree life and is not interested in joining the Antry or the Order.


Rami Phlek

Rami is the youngest brother among the three. He wants to become an Antry Defendant soldier and admires and respects the eldest brother Strem. Although he is not the most popular, he is brave and loyal. He even enjoys being with female Antros over a pint of nectar or five. But when he isn’t partying, he keeps himself busy in lifting boulders and training.


Ayna is a book worm and particularly a history expert. While she is socially awkward, she is one of the most compassionate Antros in the Obsidian continents. She often has to listen to the woes of those she tries to help with her knowledge she’s acquired from her deep study.



This character has travelled the world for knowledge and is living in Telessa at present. He’s mostly reserved, reads and meditates.

Oracle of North Obsidia

The Oracle of North Obsidia is a designation rather than a name and serves as the medicine womantros for all Antros in her location. She doesn’t live in a temple or oversee The Worship. She is a true mystic who can phase into the Astral and is able to look into multi-dimensional space.

So, are you excited enough to start playing Vigilant? Go ahead, download it and start playing!

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