Way of Soccer – Excellent Game to Test Your Management Abilities

way of soccer football fieldWant to become a manager of a football club and experience the excitement of planning strategies, managing teams, see their win or loss, and ultimately prove to be the best manager? You will get all the excitement with the most detailed game of all football games ever – Way of Soccer! Way of Soccer is a football management game where you can actually participate in the management of the team, rather than just being a spectator of your team’s play.

Way of Soccer

Way of Soccer is a free online game where you get a chance to choose your football team. Once you pick up one, you get the entire responsibility of its management, so that the team can win. Obviously the strategy you implement is an extremely important part of the whole affair. You will decide the strategy regarding the placement of your team on the ground, whether and when the team should take an offensive or a defensive approach, and being aggressive on the ball carrier, and on the basis of this strategy, you can either win the game or at least avoid defeat.

You will have to remember one thing that you can choose only 20 players for your club. So, you will have to choose them very carefully, as some of them may want to leave after a period.

You will also need to remember one more thing that you better keep your team as homogenous as possible. Actually, the more players you have in your team of the same nationality, the better performance your team may show in the field.

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What will be Your Qualities?

Your skill as a team manger should be seen from all points of view and not only about how the team should be placed and play. This of course involves the financial management of the team too. In this, you will have to determine the capacity of your stadium and cost of the tickets, as per the popularity of your club. And of course, you will also have to manage the salaries of your players. This too is quite a challenging job, because as the players will gain experience and competence in the matches, they will want you to reconsider their salaries.

How to Decide Strategies?

You will find a complete record of your games (shots, possession, fouls, corners, etc) and also the game of your players (dribbling, average match, recoveries, successful and assists, etc), analyzing which you can plan your strategies.screenshot of way of soccer football game


What is Your Scope?

You can compete in the League 1 trio championship, or can win the cup in an international match for your country and enter the European Championship where you will compete with the best teams in Europe.

Selling Players

Every month end, there will be a period when some of your players will wish to leave for varying reasons. In that situation, you will need to sell them since they will fast lose their efficiency in your club. You can prevent this, however, by including a non-leaving clause in their contracts beforehand.

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Way of Soccer is thus a complete game to test your management abilities, abilities to analyze the game and implementing strategies, and preparing your team to face the best teams in the world. You, who just keep getting discouraged with your team’s bad performance so far in other football games, will get a chance to decide how they should play. No doubt, this will be a great excitement for you which you will enjoy! So, what are you waiting for? Start playing Way of Soccer right now!

screenshot of way of soccer football game

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