WordGo – Solving Word Puzzles in a Unique Way

WordGo Word PuzzleThanks to mobile devices, gaming has become a lot more accessible and you can easily play on the go without restrictions. And while playing arcade games is fun, some of us want a game that really makes us think. Wordgo, a new game created by Sparw Creations allows you to focus on solving word puzzles in a unique way.

In one way, Wordgo is pretty much similar to Lingo, as it requires you to figure out the words on the table just by making a guess.

Of course, the game tends to get increasingly harder as you play, but this is just making it funny and more exciting. We consider the gameplay in Wordgo to be very challenging, although the first few levels start off easily and can be considered a tutorial for the whole Wordgo experience. Sparw Creations did a stellar job when it comes to placing us into an exciting game world filled with tons of words.

WordGo Word Puzzle

The letters that are right will be added in green, whereas the ones that are misplaced will be shown with yellow. Yes, the game actually helps you understand where you did something wrong so you can complete the challenge and puzzle faster.

Unlike Lingo however, Wordgo also helps you if you have problems when it comes to figuring the words on your own. Sparw Creations has implemented a hint function in this game and it just allows you to make your gameplay experience a lot easier.

WordGo Word Puzzle

You have 3 hint types, which allow you to unravel a correct letter, an image hint that will provide you with an idea in regards to what the letter will be and, of course, you can also ask your Facebook friends for help if you want.

The Wordgo game does include an in-game currency that allows you to use the hints more often, but you need to use it gradually if you want the best possible results. You can get coins if you complete levels or unlock achievements, and these will help you a lot when it comes to having a good coin stash in case you need hints.

WordGo Word Puzzle

You can play Wordgo for a very long time, and the 400 levels clearly show you how much value the game does provide. But the best part about Wordgo certainly comes from the fact that you have an endless amount of random words, so you can always play with new words, something that you will like for sure.

In Wordgo you can also find a good method that allows you to compete against players from all over the world. You just need to get higher and higher on the leaderboards, even if that means trying the same level countless times, as this is surely a part of the fun. Trying to get the best rank is really fun, and you will surely like the results for sure. Don’t hesitate, and try out this astounding game right now, this is one title you do not want to miss!

WordGo Word Puzzle

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