WoW Classic Farming Guide

WoW classic goldEarning goldis an extremely important strategy in Classic WoW. It is essential for several things such as large purchases, like epic mount or better gear from the Auction House, and recurring purchases like consumables for raiding and PvP. All in all, gold is essential for better quality of life as well as for the procurement of important items to improve your gameplay. Here are a few useful ways of earning gold.

Best Professions

There are many professions available in WoW that have their own ways of earning WoW classic gold. However, some are better than others.


Herbing is especially good for making money because some players will use potions liberally, including defensive potions and healing elixirs, because of the relatively high risk in Classic of damage and death at lower levels.


Mining is helpful in many professions such as engineering and blacksmithing and it is in constant demand. However, remember that gathering professions don’t offer experience in WoW Classic as they do in the live game. Thus, time spent in herbing and mining takes you away from leveling.


Cooking is usually neglected as a secondary profession, to the point that it isn’t even trained by several players till the maximum level. However, it turns to be extremely important for end-game raiding as it provides extra stat buffs like increased Strength, Stamina, MPS, Intellect or Agility.

WoW classic Mount

The Auction House

The Auction House is well-known among veteran economic manipulators as one of the best ways of making (or even losing) money in World of Warcraft. This is a mini game in itself that players can get immersed in for hours. For others, however, the Auction House can be a good starting point for moneymaking.

Unlike just farming and vendoring, working the Auction House is not so easy. Buying and selling successfullyso as to earn money can take a considerable amount of effort and plenty of expertise. After all, you’ll be competing against many other players on your server who are trying just the same thing. Moreover, each server will be a bit different; therefore, understanding which items sell well and which to avoid investing in is very important in working the economy. Some items that typically sell well on any server include Major Healing Potion, Elixir of the Mongoose, Righteous Orb, Runecloth, and most rare and epic BoEs.

Classic Dungeon Farming

Dungeon farming is more complicated than going out in the open world, since not all classes are equally viable or even capable of comfortably doing so alone. However, farming in dungeons eliminates competition. Thus, you don’t have to get stressed with the possibility of someone else snagging that Thorium node before you reach it, engage PvP combat or monopolize the enemy spawns.

The key to dungeon farming for materials is being able to be invisible to monsters or kill them. Hence, most farming of this kind is done by Druids or Rogues, since they can stealth their way through. Plus, there are strong solo classes including Hunters who can kill anything that can drop something useful.

Classic Dungeon Farming

Second Character for Disenchanting

If you wish to have multiple characters active and level simultaneously, which is a good way of benefitting from rested experience, make the second one an enchanter. This should be a character you wish to level, since your enchanting skill should also increase so as to keep disenchanting higher level items.

Although you are getting your main character from 1-60, concentrate on entry-level disenchanting that doesn’t need more effort on your disenchanting character to continue. It’s not usually worth it to make lower level enchants. Enchanting materials can be (relatively) more lucrative than blue and green gear they come from.


Scan the Auction House for Disenchanting Material

It’s also useful to spend time every day scanning the Action House at the current rate of low-level enchanting materials such as Strange Dust, and then checking the rates of green items others have posted for sale that will make the dust when they are disenchanted.

Finally, avoiding non-essential purchases of any type, particularly while leveling, is also a way to make gold as you’ll find you have a lot of it to make big purchases, like WoW classic Mount, that you really need. Happy gold making!

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