Don’t Let Your Child’s Online Gaming Be a Gateway to Viruses

Day by day, technology is advancing and it is not only for good but also for bad! The everyday advancements in technology are opening new ways to make life more comfortable and at the same time they are opening new ways for hackers and malware-creators to make our lives miserable too. And it is most dangerous when the hacking and malware-introduction is made through your child’s online game. Keeping an eye on children playing games online has therefore become utmost necessary now because it is the way for hackers to infect you computer with a dangerous virus via your child’s online game.

Entry of Malware Through Online Games

Fake Alerts Given by Virus

Mostly parents are vigilant about whom their children are talking to on internet. But now it is time to be vigilant about what happens when they are talking because the trouble-mongers aren’t really interested in talking to your child. They allure your child by creating an ever amusing game your children are habitual of playing everyday and with their favorite characters included in the game so that the child gets captivated at once. Afterwards as the game progresses, there may be a key or something clickable which has to be clicked and once your child clicks it the malware or virus will be introduced to your computer.

Blank Screen & Fake Alert

Objectives of Malware-Creators

Fake Alerts Frustrate You

The nasty malware-creators may have various objectives. Once the virus or the malware comes to your computer, you may start getting pop-up ads or your browser may navigate you to search engine results. When you click any of this, the hacker gets revenue for that. You may also get a deadly alert warning you that your computer is seriously infected and needs an urgent healing for which you will be asked to buy an anti-virus or anti-spyware package. This type of threats comes generally in form of your computer screen going blank which might give you a heart attack and you may buy the anti-malware hurriedly. However the anti-malware is of no use because there is no virus as such. The creators of the malware create the programs which make the computer screen blank, but actually all your files are in place.

Sometimes the hackers introduce a key logging program to your computer which passes all the information of the keys you use to type your passwords for your email accounts, social network accounts and mainly e-banking accounts.










Precaution is Necessary with Children’s Online Gaming

When such a malware infects your computer it is quite hard to kick it out. Sometimes you may even need to reinstall the whole system.


Protect Your Computer

It is therefore wise to take precautions when your child is fond of playing online games. Firstly you should discuss with your child and explain the scenario to him or her. You should explain why it is necessary to play games only through reliable sites. Also you should convince him or her that it is better to allow you to check any new site he or she wants to venture on. You can also get software which monitors which sites are visited by the children. This will help you to block the culprit game site. Also use the most sophisticated anti-virus, anti-malware software to keep your computer protected always. In this matter, experts’ opinion is we should install a combination of antivirus, anti-adware and anti-spyware. Antivirus software is for protection of your computer against viruses which delete your files. Anti-adware and anti-spyware softwares protect your computer from malicious programs which steal information from your computer.

Thus take due precautions to protect your computer from malicious content through your children’s online gaming.

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