Now Don’t Only Use Apps, But Make Money from Them

app reviewsHow many apps do you download and use every day, every week or every month? And what do you do of them? You try those apps and if they are really useful, you continue using them and if they are not, you stop using them. But instead of this, i.e. using useful apps and leaving useless apps, if you get money for telling others how the apps are? Won’t it be fantastic? And there is indeed a source to give you this money. It is

What is is a website which pays you for reviewing apps. What you have to do is to create an account with this website, download an app on your gadget, including Apple apps for iPhone, iPad and Mac and Android apps, and use it. And then write an honest review on the app whether it is useful or not. If you have downloaded a free app, you will get $0.50 and if you have downloaded a paid app, you will get $1 for your review. Though you have to pay first for the paid apps, you will get that money back along with some extra. So, it is like using paid apps for free! You find apps to review in the “Unclaimed” section.

How Do You Get Money?

You get money via Paypal – an online money transaction system used throughout the world. The payment process takes place every Friday, for which you should submit your payment request every Thursday.

Is there Any Time Limit?

Yes, you should write the review once you download the app within 24 hours. App Store will verify your review within 24 hours after your submission. Then the system will find your review within 30 hours after your claim from iTunes Store. If within 30 hours they don’t detect your review, the app will be assigned to another user. So, the quicker you will write reviews, the quicker you can move to the next app and the quicker you will get paid.

Best Way to Make Money

It is agreed that half and one dollar is not a very big amount. But you should look at the amount of work you need to do for that. You just need to write 20-40 words and rate the app to 4 or 5 stars. As it is, after downloading an app, you feel good or bad about it. Now you just have to tell it to others and make money from that.

What Type of Review Should You Write?

You should first tell how you find the app, then compare it with other apps and also if you recommend some features to the developers to add in the app.

So, try it. Maybe this will bring you your first online payment.

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