10 Steps to Enjoy Moshi Monsters

codes Moshi-MonstersMoshi Monsters is a fun virtual game wherein you can adopt a virtual monster and take care of it. Moshi monsters are great amusing characters and taking care of them is an amazing pastime. You can choose from Moshi monsters like Kastuma, Poppet, Zommer, Furi, Luvli or Diavlo. Throughout the game your monster’s personality changes and it depends on how you take care of it that how the monster will treat you. If your monster is happy the game becomes greatly enjoyable. Important is to level up the monster, because then it gives more coins. While playing the game, Moshi Monsters codes are of great help to proceed and enjoy the game. Let’s see how to play Moshi Monsters.

1. Open the website of Moshi Monsters – www.moshimonsters.com. You will see the sign “Play Now” in the center of the screen.Click on Play Now. A screen will appear with the 6 monsters standing around.

2. You can roll your mouse over them to see their names and to listen to their sound. The characteristics of each of the monsters are as follows:


  • Kastuma: Kastuma is a combination of a rabbit and a cat. It is the most active of all pets, but tends to be sick frequently. As long as you play with it and feed it, it will be happy.
  • Poppet: A Poppet is the most loyal and playful pet. It is the most popular pet. It is almost any time happy and love if you tickle it.
  • Zommer: Zommer is a zombie and is the easiest pet to care for; but its happiness is short term. It is always very hungry so you have to feed it a lot.
  • Furi: Furi is the grumpiest pet, but can be made very happy if you treat it in a right way. If you leave it alone, it will get very angry. Its health goes down often, so you have to take care of it.
  • Luvli: Luvli is the most fashionable pet. It tends to get spoiled sometimes and want its own way; but in general, it is cute, as long as you let it to have control once in a while.
  • Diavlo: This is the most mischievous pet, but tends to get furious. It’s okay if you leave it for a day or two, because it is also the strongest pet in terms of health.

3. Choose Color of Your Monster

You have to choose color for your monster, which will be there forever, unless you get a paid membership. You can visit places like Colorama (recolor your monster) and there you can get free rox from rox trees.

4. Fill in the other things asked for and confirm your email.

5. Now get back to the homepage of the website and log in.

6. Sign in with your username and password. You will see a box with “I’ve a secret code”. Check on it if you have a secret code.

8. Now go the Puzzle Palace, with the help of “Puzzles” button in your home and play games. You will easily make Rox.

9. Click on the map to go to the place of your choice. E.g. if you want to purchase things, go to Sludge Street or Main Street or Oh la lane.

10. Buy many things. Jazz out your house, keep your monster happy and healthy and you may become an A-list Monstar!

Get codes, tips on what to do and walkthroughs of missions on a very good website named MoshiMonstersPlanet.com and enjoy!

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