5 Amazing Scary Video Games

scary gamesFear is an essential factor for human life. If feeling of fear doesn’t exist, man will jump into any dangerous situation and fall prey to it, losing life or at least arms and legs. Based on the feeling of fear, horror movies, books and video games have become popular, because they make the user experience the feeling of fear in a secure environment, where the user knows that all this is not true and s/he is actually safe. But amongst all the horror entertainment material, scary video games are the most popular because they give the player a chance to be present actually at the scene and to fight or at least run away, unlike scary movies where you can’t help keep watching. You can find a range of such enthralling scary video games at scarywebgames.com, wherein you will find every type of exciting horror games like Halloween games, maze games, zombie games, ghost games, witch games and more. Though it is tough to find out the best scary games because all of them are equally excellent, we have tried here to enlist five of them.

1. The Dark Cave

The Dark CaveHow about entering a dark cave about which you don’t know anything, whether it has ghosts inside ready to jump upon you or vampires? Dare to enter it and solve the mystery of this dark cave. It is a puzzle game. It’s amazing to go on solving the puzzle, but you have to be patient. A lot of brains will be needed in this game, along with the much desired feeling of fear. But the game is sure to give you tons of enjoyment.

2. Midnight Man

Midnight manThis is a real scary game where you have to enter a house and save yourself from an evil that is inside. If you are not prepared, you are really going to get Goosebumps, and enjoy it if you love these types of games. The ambiance of the game has been made great and the house looks real lonely and creepy.  Don’t let the evil catch you ever, otherwise the game will end.

3. Dead of Night

game dead-of-nightDo unknown screams and whispers make you afraid? Then this game is really going to make you tremble.  But not if you know how to survive. Besides being scary, Dead of Night is also utmost amusing and the visuals, narratives and atmosphere are great. You have to shoot zombies. You will find dead bodies everywhere and details are amazing.

4. A Ghostly Journey

a ghostly JourneyThis is a game with cool graphics. You have to safely guide the ghost to possess people and solve puzzles. Music and mechanics of the game are great and it is ideal for kids as well as adults.

5. Vampire Freak

game-vampire-freakYou have to protect a guy from rain and make him enjoy the best Halloween party in his vampire costume. The costume is his favorite and if it gets damaged in the rain, he would go for the party crying which you don’t want. So, you have to run the mouse to guide an umbrella over the guy which will protect him from getting wet. You will be rewarded by an increased score every time you protect him and your levels too will increase. This is an utterly fun game and as you progress through it, it becomes even more enjoyable.

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