5 Things to Consider While Buying A Gaming Laptop

gaming laptopThough mobile computing has undergone incredible changes over last some years, including the introduction of tablets and convertibles, there is still one gadget category which has unchanged and it is the gaming laptop. These old-school bulks of processing power don’t pay a damn to slim frames and touchscreens. What matters the most about them is speed. This may make things appear easy, but gaming laptops offer their own different challenges. Hardware specifications are crucial and eventually consumers looking forward to buy a gaming gadget need to know more than just average. But don’t worry. If you are aware of the basics, there is no need to know every detail. Gaming laptop reviews are good sources to learn more.

1. Importance of GPU

It is obvious how the graphics processor is important in a gaming laptop. However, while shopping you can be distracted from this fact because of the plethora of other features. Extra hard drives, RAM, color LED keyboards, network cards…all these die for your attention but should be ignored till you find the most perfect GPU.

You can go through a laptop GPU comparison chart which collects benchmark data to use it to rank graphics hardware. And a system claiming the best gaming laptop should have a GPU at the top of this list.

When you plan to spend any extra cash on upgrades, it should be spent first on the GPU. No other component offer better efficiency per dollar.

2. Importance of Processor

Also don’t underestimate the importance of CPU, because it is also kinda important. This is because its importance is dependent on the game which is played. Some titles can do with Core i3. However, some selected ones can even bring a Core i7 to its knees.

If budget is an issue, Core i5 is also not a bad choice. However, a Core i7 quad is preferable in any case, so, get your hands on it if you can.

3. Graphics with Great Display

Image quality is always the most essential part of a gaming laptop. It’s of no use if you have a great GPU but you are getting cranked images.

Most of the systems present a resolution 1600 x 900 or 1080p.But a 1600 x 900 screen is fine for a 14-inch system, though 1080p is more familiar.  

4. Solid-state Drive

Go for a gaming rig which offers cheap SSD upgrades. Select a capacity of minimum 256GP if the SSD is the only hard drive of the laptop. Lower capacities can be chosen if it has a mechanical drive.

5. Right Size

Bigger is not necessarily better. Bulky rigs are thick and heavy, and so, horrible while traveling. Therefore, choose the right size with bearable weight and thickness.

Thus choose your gaming rig with proper scrutiny because you are buying it for sheer enjoyment.

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