6 Amazing Games that Allow You to Enjoy Gaming and Stay Fit at the Same Time

Get fit while dancing in your living room with Zumba: Burn It Up! on Nintendo SwitchNormally video games are blamed for making the gamer sedentary. However, games too can make gamers move, hop, dance and get actual exercise to become fit. Here are the best fitness games you should check out.

1. Zumba: Burn It Up!

Get fit while dancing in your living room with Zumba: Burn It Up! on Nintendo Switch. Zumba: Burn It Up! is for gamers who love to dance and exercise. The gameplay can be adjusted to suit the musical preferences and skill levels of players and so, it’s suitable to all ages. Movements can be tracked on gamers’ Joy-Con controllers and points can be earned with dancing skills and energy.

Zumba: Burn It Up!

2. Dance Dance Revolution

Dance Dance Revolution is a Konami led series and is the master of dancing games. It originated in 1998 from where various games in the series were added to PlayStation consoles among others. Although it didn’t have famous radio hits, the mix of electric tunes from Japan and other countries compelled the body to dance.

Dance Dance Revolution

3. Wii Fit

Nintendo attempted to push Wii Fit on the Wii before Ring Fit Adventure. It was paired with the Balance Board, a large plastic matt one-stepped on to make yoga-like movements. If one doesn’t care much about fun to play a game, it’s worth a try.

Wii Fit

4. Just Dance

Just Dance was exclusive for the Wii at first and although the tracking wasn’t very good due to the limited range of the system, it has improved over the years. The number of songs and dances maintained all through its 10-year life cycle has been impressive. If you subscribe to their Just Dance Unlimited service, you get more than 500 doings to dance to. Whether you’re alone or throwing a party, Just Dance can bring you the desired funk.

Just Dance

5. Shape Up

Even Ubisoft developed a fitness game named Shape Up exclusive to Xbox One although it didn’t get the popularity like Just Dance. The underlying issue was the struggle of the Xbox One and the Kinect in 2014, when the PS4 was outselling the setup at an incredible rate.

Shape Up

6. Dance Central

Dance Central is basically an improved version of Just Dance that is for more advanced gamers. The songs and interface provide more variety which is a better feature since the developer is Harmonix, the maker of Rock Band.

While in Just Dance, dance moves are tracked only by one hand, in Dance Central, the Kinect camera of Xbox 360 captures the entire body, thereby making the gamer work harder.

Dance Central

So, which workout game will you choose to enjoy gaming and stay fit at the same time?

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