Awesome StarCraft 2 Gift Ideas

StarCraft 2 teeBuying appropriate gifts for teens is always daunting, because their choice keeps on changing, and they don’t even mind telling straightaway that they didn’t like the gift! In that case, choosing something which is favorite of most of them seems to be quite easy and it is gaming-related items. Today StarCraft 2 is the most popular game and you can gift a lot of items related to this game, like StarCraft clothes and accessories. And not only teens, any person fond of StarCraft 2 will love these game-related items as gifts. I see some amazing tees on and I would definitely love to purchase them either for myself or to gift someone. Similarly you get more of such items that will end your confusion of gifting. Let’s see them.

StarCraft 2 T-shirts

StarCraft 2 fans love these crazy tees. They convey their pride and love for StarCraft 2 and the race they love. You can choose from Protoss, Terran or Zerg logs and designs. Or you can also choose specific characters such as a Zergling, or Kerrigan or vintage logo design. You can flaunt these designs not only on the front but also on the backside of the tee. Jinx offer the best range of gaming tees and accessories. Wings of Liberty is one of the most popular designs and creates real sense of impending action and the colors are awesome. Several teams have also begun to sell official team jerseys, like Evil Geniuses, Team Liquidand Team Dignitas. If you know your recipient’s favorite team and if you choose the design related to it, your gift will be greatly admired.

StarCraft 2 t-shirt

Mouse and Mouse Mat

If you don’t have a big budget for the gift, but still want a great appreciation, here are some gift items for you which every StarCraft 2 gamer will admire – a cheap mouse mat or even a mouse! You can get a good gaming mouse of a reliable brand at an affordable price which your recipient will love.

mouse mat

StarCraft Peripherals

If you want to make your recipient really happy, you can gift a set of peripherals like Marauder keyboard, Banshee headset and the Spectre mouse, and you will be greatly praised. These are developed by the popular manufacturer of gaming accessories, Razer. These three not only look cool wearing their StarCraft branding, but also they have a neat feature up their sleeve, their illumination changes with the player’s actions per minute (APM)!


Official StarCraft 2 Strategy Guide

Do you know that StarCraft 2 has a single player campaign? Yes, it does. It may not draw as much attention as the multiplayer, but it is indeed great and popular amongst innumerable StarCraft fans. If you know that your recipient is one amongst them, you can extend a helping hand with an official Strategy Guide. The guide covers everything right from the basics to secret tips used by veteran players.

strategy guide

And there are numerous such items. So, you need not be confused anymore about what to gift. Grab one of these items and please your recipient.

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