Become a Fashion Designer with Barbie Fashion Games

Barbie Fashion gamesDo you want to become a fashion designer? I bet every girl wants that – at least for herself! Girls love fashions, experimenting with clothes, hairstyles, makeup, shoes, jewelry and other accessories and they keep on experimenting with these items for themselves, as well as if they get a chance they love to do that with others too, like their friends, mom and aunts, sisters and cousin sisters, and so on. In such a case, what if you get to experiment with a variety of beautiful dresses, shoes and shades of makeup with some easy clicks of mouse? Yes, I am talking about Barbie fashion games. These games bring you lots and lots of fun of trying various fashions on the beautiful Barbie – every time giving you the satisfaction of an awesome-looking Barbie in different forms, like a farm girl, a pop star, a sporty Barbie, royal Barbie, Indian Barbie, Barbie dressed in folk dresses and so on. Just take a look at the plethora of Barbie fashion games and you will be eager to play them.

Barbie as a Flower Girl

flower-girlFlower girls are always sweet. Their cute little gowns with a sprawling skirt and flower basket in hand, tiny shoes – everything is just cho chweet! And in Barbie flower girl dressing game, you get a chance to make Barbie ready as a flower girl. You get to beautify her with an amazing range of gowns with so many colors, patterns and embellishments – all with a beautiful expanse of skirt. Next you can do their hairstyle and makeup with lots of styles and all types of eye shadows, eyeliners, blushers, lipsticks and more. Make Barbie ready as a cute flower girl as you want her to and get a printout.

Barbie Makeover

MakeOverBarbie Makeover is an awesome game because you can become a fashion designer for Barbie. You get many forms of Barbie to play with. Make them wear hairstyle of your choice. Their dresses are conveniently separated into tops and skirts, so you can make various combinations of them. You also get various trains to add a dazzle to the Barbie’s dress. Then there are lots of jewelry pieces, like tiaras, necklaces, pendants, earrings, nose rings and also flower baskets, and other accessories like shoes, and more. It’s incredible fun to see Barbie looking fabulous with your ever try!

Mermaid Barbie

MermaidThis too is a fun game where you not only can change Barbie’s hairstyle, makeup, dresses and jewelry, but also her eye color and eyelashes to change her appearance totally! While Barbie stands in the enchanting environment of bubbling ocean water on the backdrop of a majestic castle and colorful aquatic plants and flowers spread everywhere, you make her beautiful with various embellishments – it’s great fun!

Indian Barbie

indianIndian dresses are fun because they have got their own grace, style and colors. They are bright, showy and dazzling, but are charming. You can make your Barbie Indian with fabulous sarees, blouses and odhanis of various types. This Barbie is wearing a bindi and her jewelry set is typical Indian which looks awesome. Plus there is all the makeup kit available for you to try on her. Make Barbie look as beautiful as you can with the fantastic Indian touch.

Ballet Dancer Barbie

ballet dancerTo dress up Barbie as a ballet dancer is ultimate fun – I love it so much! There are so many fabulous dresses for her; so also are ranges of tiaras, necklaces and earrings, and lovely hairstyles and splendid shoes! Ballet dancer Barbie looks ravishing in all the ensemble you put on her, giving you the satisfaction of creating a beauty.

And there are lots of other Barbie fashion games, like Barbie Halloween, fashion fairytale, Barbie in school, Barbie in Thanksgiving party, Barbie in style salon, and so many! You won’t feel the scarcity of styles, patterns, designs and colors to adorn your Barbie! Become a fashion designer, a makeup and hair stylist and a dress designer to your heart’s content with these Barbie fashion games and have ultimate fun!

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