Concursion – A Cool Mash Up of 5 Retro Games

style-sifting in concursionConcursion is a video game from Puuba which is a single 20 action game combining five original and distinctly designed games together seamlessly, each having a classic gameplay genre. It blends all these five unique styles into a single organized real-time shifting game.

Concursion is unique because it offers space combat, platforming, aerial exploration, Pac-Man-like mazes and hack-and-slash action, at the same time. The unnamed lead character will switch between each style of gameplay at a moment’s notice by leaping into different rifts kept in each level. Thus, at one moment you may be a samurai in the feudal Japan, cutting your way through your enemies, and at the other jump, you may be in a spaceship, somewhere on the periphery of the universe, escaping asteroids desperately! Another moment you might play a 2D sci-fi platformer and then jump into a segment of the screen dominated by a fantasy RPG which becomes your reality for a few centimeters, before you pop out in a shmup-based universe.

All the involved gaming components in Concursion feature their own unique art styles and are mixed together in an incredibly flawless way.

Uniqueness in Simplicity

The genre hybrid in Concursion is so simple that it is a surprise that it has not been tried before. The indie game happens across a multiverse where ripping in reality makes you toggle between various game genres and worlds, according to where you are located.


The gameplay of Concursion is about a hero on a mission of saving his princess and stopping their crossbreed world from being torn apart. All through his journey, and in between, the hero regularly faces gaps in the reality of the world – joints where one gaming world fuses with the other. The art style alters, the music cross-fades, and the behavior of all the creatures are influenced by the change. As the hero crosses these borders, he immediately changes into a new form, like:

  • A Shoot ‘Em Up spaceship
  • A fast racing Platformer
  • A Hack and Slash 6-way-slasing, double-jumping ninja
  • A Top Down Maze Explorer
  • A Jetpack wielding planetary explorer

Each of these game worlds has its totally unique art and gameplay style of its own, from 8-bit graphics to modern renders, and also its own unique take on the soundtrack. The song performance style of each level will completely change as the hero gets close and crosses new worlds.


  • 5 completely realized gaming worlds, each having its own distinct aesthetic
  • bonus classic game genres featuring within boss-fights
  • NPCs and story surprises, like Jump, Run, Slash, Hack, Fly, Double Jump, Eat Dots, Shoot and Poof to adapt to the challenges of the game
  • More than 45 sound tracks, most songs re-performed completely in 5 distinct styles
  • More than 45 versions

The genre-switching in Concursion is basically geography-based, but as the game continues, bubbles will move and course around the screen, react to you and chase or stay away from you, be created and thrown away by enemies and appear and vanish based on various situations.

The indie title is being scored by Christopher Hoag – the Emmy-nominated composer who composed the music for House M.D., and has just gone to Steam Greenlight.

The real cool shape-shifting genre-bending title is to be made available for PC and Mac very, very soon.

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