Crime Games – Thrilling, Exciting and Violent

TV Shows, movies, plays, books and of course, our favorite, video games often depict and follow the dynamic, violent, thrilling life of mobsters and those dying to catch them. Gun and gang fights, car chases, violence in any form are usually the elements of good crime games. Among people playing those games, there are those who prefer crime simulation games, organized crime games, crime solving games or crime action games and, of course those crime games where sub-genres are well combined. These games are not for those with weak heart and surely not for children, especially if the rate of the violence is extremely high and it usually is.

All those video games where the crime and any type of illegal activity is the central theme are referred to as crime games. They can be contemporary, abstract or historical, but they usually put you in the role of the policeman, Batman, crime boss or anyone similar. Some of the top rated crime games are The Boss, Razzia!, Ca$h & Gun$, Famiglia, Cargo Noir, Nostra City. Sleeping Dogs is the new crime video game, released this August with exotic sites, busy streets and vibrant night life of the city of Hong Kong. This is open-world game and the gamers are put into the role of an undercover agent Wei Shen who is trying to take down the dangerous and powerful criminal organization, called the Triads, from the inside. The character is torn between the code of the Triads and the loyalty to the cop badge and the lines between what is right and wrong will become more and more blurred.










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