DayZ Standalone – A Feast of Horrific Fun

DayZ StandaloneThe much awaited follow-up of the award-winning mod, DayZ Standalone, has finally made its entry with the same name – DayZ Standalone! The game is still in Alpha but is robust and the community is all prepared to change with a fun viewpoint of facing glitches. Meet DayZ Space Cows on Spaggie which is a non-salty server admin who leaves tins of beans near the coast!

DayZ Standalone

This is an open-world hybrid-MMO horror survival game developed in 2012 when the creator of the mod, Dean Hall, tied up with Bohemia Interactive and started working on the game’s standalone version. The game is being designed with an aim to alter the engine so as to be suitable to the game’s requirements, creating an efficient client-server structure and putting forth new features like a better inventory system and diseases.DayZ Standalone floating cigarette bin


DayZ Standalone places the player in Chemarus+, a fictional 225 sq km post-Soviet state, which is one of the places attacked by a new and currently unknown type of infection which has destroyed majority of the world’s population. You (player) will be one of the few people who have survived and now should scavenge the world for water, food, medicines and weapons, while avoiding or killing the infected ones or co-operating with other players to survive as far as you can in this unkind post-apocalyptic terrain.

DayZ standalone good morning


You will be equipped with just a flashlight and simple clothes in the beginning and you should start exploring the huge Chemarus+ to check loot locations like houses, apartments and barns to hunt supplies, like water and food, which are basics needed to prolong your life. After being successful in surviving, next, you can find various types of clothing, which will not only customize your character, but also can bring additional storage space for your supplies.

DayZ standalone on gunpoint

Scattered around your map, you will also find various ranged weapons, with which you can protect yourself from zombies or other players.

You will also find a variety of medical supplies which will be useful to you as the environment poses many threats to your character.

DayZ standalone scattered guns

Planned diseases include dysentery, cholera or hepatitis that can attack you through rotten food or dirty water and you should cure them with correct medicines. Also during fight with other players or due to some other reason, you were shot or wounded, and start bleeding, you will need to be bandaged immediately, as excess blood loss or damage will cause serious deterioration of vision and can even render you unconscious.

DayZ standalone wish you were here

You can also get hundreds of public domain books across the map to read, which include titles like Moby-Dick and War of the Worlds.

And there is much more! There is no doubt that DayZ Standalone has created a lot of excitement before its arrival and players will soon be presented with a feast of horrific fun!

DayZ Standalone

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