Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls – Enhance your Gaming Enjoyment

character tracker - Diablo-3-Reaper-of-SoulsDiablo 3 was a super hit game in 2013 with gamers spending hours after hours playing it. Now soon in 2014, they are going to be hooked again with expansion pack Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls – exact date of release being 25th March!

Initially the new version is going to be released only for PC and Mac, but Blizzard have said that the console versions will be released on the same point too. The new game will offer gamers a reason to get into the game again, if they thought that they had seen all the game.

Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls has a lot of new features, like:

Great Story

It was Diablo 3’s great voice acting which made the less than spectacular story interesting. But Reaper of Souls has a cool story. The story is centered on the Black Soulstone with the essence of all seven great evils. Tyrael knows that if it goes in the hands of angels or mortals it is very dangerous. So, he with a team goes to seal it, but they are assaulted and the Black Soulstone goes in the hands of Malthael, The Angel of Death who wants to kill all the humanity to end the war between heaven and hell.   A teammate of Tyrael escapes and Tyrael sends him to find you to save the day.

Introduction of New Character: The Crusader

Reaper of Souls will have an all new character class – the Crusader. They use big weapons – some of them being brand new for this expansion, like a fantastic mace type weapon. The Crusader are also able to use holy magic. This seems a pretty interesting character mainly because it is not like other characters appeared in the game so far.

Adventure Mode

Adventure Mode is another awesome feature of Reaper of Souls because of having lots of replay value once you beat the main story. The idea is you can simply waltz around the world leisurely. Here you can retain total random bounties and dungeons which are called Nephalem Rifts. It sounds real fun because you get a different experience every time you get into the game.

Increased Level Cap

You get expanded level cap so you get up to level 70, which adds an all new bunch of skills and runes  so as to enable you to make some neat changes to your character. So also, after reaching level 70 a fourth lot of passive skills will be unlocked.

The Mystic

Reaper of Souls has a new artisan named The Mystic who is real cool because he lets you customize your equipment and can also enhance its properties.

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